Confront Trigon in DC Universe Online’s All-New Episode This October

Confront Trigon in DC Universe Online’s All-New Episode This October

Daybreak Games announced the next Episode for the popular massively multiplayer online game, DC Universe Online (DCUO). Episode 17 will feature two pieces of action-packed multiplayer content:

Unholy Matrimony In this eight-person Operation, players will battle alongside Raven as she confronts her father, Trigon, who has escaped from an otherworldly prison. Players must locate and defeat Trigon to stop him from gaining power to destroy the mortal world.

This will be the first time players will have the opportunity to fight Trigon as part of the DCUO narrative, continuing the storyline from Episode 8, Sons of Trigon.

The Flash Museum Burglary The Flash Museum Duo is a continuation of the League of Assassins storyline, which started in Episode 15’s The Bombshells Paradox.

The League of Assassins has broken into the Flash Museum in Central City in an attempt to steal an artifact from an alternate reality, Talia Al Ghul’s scimitar. In this duo, players must navigate through the museum – an all-new zone – to keep the artifact out of the League of Assassins’ hands.

Episode 17 will be available this October as a free download for Members and for purchase by non-members via the PlayStation Network, the in-game Marketplace, or for PC players via the website.

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