Preview: Project Root (Playstation 4)

Preview: Project Root (Playstation 4)

Scheduled for an April 28th release on Playstation 4, PSVita  and Xbox One, Project Root by developer OPQAM is an overhead, 2.5D  bullet hell shooter that sees you in the role of ace pilot Lance Rockport, as he commandeers the advanced F-72 Zonda hover fighter to battle the opposing Prometheus Corporation. The game spans across eight massive levels brimming with enemy tanks, antiaircraft guns and countless waves of enemy aircraft.

The current build of Project Root provides a promising experience for SHMUP fans. The gameplay relies on both analog sticks – one for movement and the other for targeting – for 360 degrees of freedom. Enemy fighters that approach from the rear can be easily engaged by rotating your craft with the right analog stick and pressing R2 to fire. It’s worth mentioning that your standard aircraft cannons will not work on ground-based enemies; bombs are needed to eradicate enemy tanks and antiaircraft cannons.

Project Root - PS4, PSVita, Xbox One,

The available missions are simple excursions that require the destruction of enemy refineries and force field protected bases, while fending off a clout of enemy fighters. The occasional tank and/or cannon will ‘pop’ into view as you fly over trees and hills, and this usually results in your Zonda fighter sustaining damage. There is an ‘Energy’ bar that keeps your ship functional, but it must be maintained with power ups that drop when enemies are destroyed. Failing to maintain this meter results in your ship exploding.

The game is rather basic in its design, but somehow manages to capture the appeal of classic SHMUPs such as Dragon Spirit and Xevious, to name just a few. Project Root is no Ikaruga, but it provides just enough action to keep your trigger finger(s) sweaty in between missions. And since the controls feel smooth and responsive, the end result is a shooter that has a lot of potential.

Project Root - PS4, PSVita, Xbox One

It’s worth noting that in the preview build, you are given infinite bombs to destroy ground-based adversaries. Without this infinite ammo stock, it would be almost impossible to destroy the countless tanks and antiaircraft guns that litter the landscape. Hopefully this feature will remain in the final release when the game launches next week.

As it stands, Project Root is a fun shooter that shows a lot of promise. The younger generation of SHMUP fans may find the controls a bit awkward at first, but old-school gamers will feel right at home, if not taken aback. Project Root launches on Playstation 4, PSVita and Xbox One on April 28th, 2015. Look to for a full review of Project Root.

Mike Pittaro
Platform: Playstation 4 (Also for PSVita & Xbox One)
Developer: OPQAM
Publisher: Reverb Triple XP
Price: TBD

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