I am Bread – Now Available on Steam

I am Bread – Now Available on Steam

Bossa’s team of Master Bakers have continued to refine I am Bread’s recipe with the addition of fresh ingredients such as new levels, modes and gameplay tweaks since it hit Steam Early Access.

Now it’s time to taste the whole loaf — I am Bread is leaving Early Access.

Satiate your hunger for the Bread with all new features as it rises out of Early Access:

  • [New level] Gas Station – Gasoline + wreckless bread = ??? (We’ll let you do the math)
  • [New mini-level] Car – The final piece of the story with a special surprise. Where will the bread’s journey end?
  • Tutorial – Because even the best bread movers and shakers had to start from somewhere.
  • Magic Marmalade – No need to rage quit if you can’t finish a level. Smash the jar of marmalade to disable the grip and edibility meter, then flip-flop your way to becoming toast.
  • 34 Steam achievements and 6 trading cards with the full release.
  • Other balances and bug fixes such as keyboard/joypad balancing with much more grip on the keyboard now to bring it more in line with joypad play. Some modes unlock in a different order to reflect level of difficulty.

With several different game modes and bread types to choose from, along with a narratively driven story, I am Bread is no gimmick. This game will test your skills, and might make you hungry in the process.

I am Bread will be priced at $12.99/€12.99/£9.99, but for those who get to the front of the queue there’s a 25% discount in place for the first week.

Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/327890

Launch Trailer:

Gameplay Footage:


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