JUJU (Review) Playstation 3

JUJU (Review) Playstation 3
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JUJU by developer Flying Wild Hog is a classic platformer that sees you in the role of JUJU, a cute, purple shaman panda that is on a mission to rescue his father and the world from the evil Calypso. Developed as a platform game for all ages, JUJU has the player dashing, jumping and running through 40 stages of colorful scenery, while battling a variety of enemies that range from crabs to bees, to name just a few.

The gameplay adheres to the fundamentals of the genre without becoming too complicated — you must navigate through a series of platforms – some that will collapse when stood on – while collecting jewels (the equivalent of coins in any Mario game or gold rings in Sonic the Hedgehog), while jumping on the heads of your enemies.


The first few levels serve as a basic tutorial, as you are quickly taught how to dash through enemies by pressing Square button, and how to use your primal congo drums to temporarily tame enemies so you can dispatch them quickly. JUJU’s drums play an important role in his adventure, as they are used to awaken giant, stone Tiki statues to open doors in the level, or to open up plants containing jewels.

The beauty of JUJU’s gameplay is its simplicity. Levels never become so difficult that younger gamers would find them frustrating, but there is just enough challenge to keep veteran players coming back for more. JUJU is no Mario, but what it lacks in market notoriety, it makes up for in longevity.



There are plenty of hidden bonus stages where you can ride on wind geysers to collect jewels, and there are also plenty of hidden easter eggs in most levels to keep you searching for a few hours. Later levels add a change of pace to the gameplay, as JUJU is given wings to extend his jumping distance. This comes in handy when platforms collapse or when you need to stall a jump due to environment-based hazards such as fireballs.

The controls are simple and require little effort to memorize. JUJU is controlled with the Analog stick, and his abilities – while limited in comparison to other mascots we know – work relatively well. Jumping is done by pressing X button; Dashing (as mentioned earlier) is executed by pressing Square; and the Triangle button is used to play his drums. Essentially, this translates into a user-friendly experience that gamers of all ages can enjoy.


JUJU’s brightly colored graphics really add to the game’s overall appeal. But what really stands out are the enemies and their cute dancing animations when exposed to JUJU’s drumming. Crabs, porcupines and other creatures do ridiculously cute jigs, as they sway their hips, kick their feet, and spin in place to the drum beat. You almost feel guilty for jumping on their heads or killing them with JUJU’s dashing ability.

JUJU by Flying Wild Hog is a platformer that can be enjoyed by the entire family. The complex levels and jewel-collecting bonus games provide just enough challenge for veterans, while its simple gameplay mechanics make it accessible to a much younger crowd of gamers. And it’s a bargain at just $14.99(US), €15.99 (EU) and £12.99 (OK) on Playstation Network (PSN).

Mike Pittaro
Platform: Playstation 3
Developer: Flying Wild Hog
Publisher: Flying Wild Hog
ESRB: E (Everyone)
Price: $14.99

JUJU Official Website

Review Score
Arcade quality graphics and smooth animation.
A cute sound track compliments the action.
Challenging gameplay for all ages.
Gamers looking for a platformer with 'classic' appeal will not be disappointed by JUJU.
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