Paradox Development Studio Shares the Grand Strategy of its Designs

Paradox Development Studio Shares the Grand Strategy of its Designs

Paradox Interactive today released a documentary video that examines the origins of Paradox Development Studio, the in-house team responsible for the publisher’s iconic grand strategy games including the Crusader Kings and Europa Universalis franchises.

From its humble beginnings to its success as an award-winning designer of grand strategy games, Paradox Development Studio shares a look at its past, present, and future in a series of interviews and fond memories from Studio Head Johan Andersson and his prestigious court of producers and project leads.

A herald has arrived to announce that the aforementioned documentary can now be viewed!

  • I must watch this at once, it could be of grave importance.
  • A herald telling me what to do? How dare they, off with their head!
  • I simply cannot be bothered with this right now, I have kingdoms to conquer.

Highlighting the studio’s humble beginnings with its adaptation of Europa Universalis from the tabletop to the desktop, the short film goes on to examine the team responsible for such titles as the Hearts of Iron and Crusader Kings series.

Games both old and new are shared from the designers’ perspective, including a look at what’s next for Paradox Development Studio – their first RPG, Runemaster.

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