Cities in Motion 2: European Cities Expansion – Now Available

Cities in Motion 2: European Cities Expansion – Now Available

Paradox Interactive today released the “European Cities” expansion package for Cities in Motion 2, the transit-simulation strategy game from Colossal Order.

Available on PC, Mac, and Linux computers, the latest Cities in Motion 2 addition allows players to take on the challenges of managing transit networks across three bustling European cities inspired by Liverpool, Düsseldorf, and Prague.

Including an entirely new campaign with six scenarios, adding six to ten hours of gameplay, European Cities is available for purchase today for $12.99.

European Cities invites Cities in Motion 2 players to handle the needs of a few of Europe’s most unique locations. Transit planning in Liverpool will need to include plenty of water-based transportation for the abundant coastline and waterways, while Düsseldorf’s high-profile business districts will need to exist in harmony with the river that meanders across it. Prague, meanwhile, is the largest map of the three, and is internationally renowned for having one of the busiest public transportation systems in the world. The new expansion will allow streetcar strategists and train tacticians to assume responsibility for their greatest challenges yet.

In Cities in Motion 2, players must design, construct, maintain, and expand a multifaceted transit network that serves the needs of a growing city. Fleets of vehicles, including buses, trains, ferries and subways, must be assembled and set in motion on player-created tracks and routes, providing affordable and efficient transit between growing residential and commercial centers.

As players engineer their systems, the city will grow dynamically around them, keeping players on their toes with increased population, congestion, and budgetary concerns.

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