Terraria (Review) PSVita

Terraria (Review) PSVita
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Released on the PC in 2011, Terraria is an open sandbox platformer that places you into a 2D pixelated world where you dig, build, explore and survive. Since its initial release, Terraria has been referred to by many as a 2D Minecraft, and for good reason – to survive, you must dig a lot of dirt, chop down countless trees, and battle hordes of nasty monsters. You are also required to build a shelter to protect yourself from the powerful creatures that emerge at night.

Just about everything  in the game world can provide you with the resources needed to build. Mining with a pickaxe will unearth precious minerals that can be used to fashion armor and tools; chopping down trees with your axe will give you the wood needed to build a shelter and platforms; and uncommon items like cobwebs can be weaved into valuable fabrics.


While the PC version placed you inside a randomly generated world with no instructions, the PSVita release includes a tutorial that quickly explains how to use your tools, gather resources. and build a shelter. It also gives you a primer on crafting items such as torches and walls, which are a precursor to the multitude of items you can craft later. Some of these items include magic potions, fancy furniture and impenetrable armor, to name just a few.

Before you can craft any of the advanced items needed to survive (i.e. armor, tools, etc.), you need to chop enough wood to build a ‘Work Bench’. Work Benches can be placed anywhere inside your shelter. Basically, having a Work Bench is key to your overall survival.



As mentioned earlier, Terraria has a day/night cycle that determines the type of creatures you will encounter. During the day, white rabbits and other non-threatening creatures will appear, making it safe to travel. When night falls, the landscape becomes a breeding ground for monsters such as zombies, among many others. While it is possible to use your wood axe as a weapon, you’re better off using the sword that is supplied to you during the tutorial.

Terraria uses a combination of analog and touchscreen controls. Inventory items can be accessed by tapping your finger on the ‘hot bar’ at the top of the screen. And while the left and right analog sticks can be used to navigate menus, it’s actually quicker to do it with the flick of a finger via the touchscreen. You can also assign four essential items to the D-pad for quick access. Mining and other activities are assigned to the Right Shoulder button, and the left analog stick is used for movement.



The game uses two different methods of control when interacting with the environment. The first is ‘Smart’ cursor mode, which does everything from building to mining automatically depending on where your character is facing. This mode works well if you’re looking to mine in a straight line or hack your way through a group of monsters. The second is ‘Manual’ mode, which allows the player to manipulate the direction of where they’re mining with the right analog stick. You can switch between both modes on the fly by tapping the ‘mode’ icon at the bottom of the screen.

The only drawback to Terraria is how its crafting system will continue to create items if you hold down the crafting button too long. This usually occurs when the item you’re crafting runs out of resources, and the crafting system moves on to the next item in the list. It’s a minor irritation that can be resolved by paying attention to the items in your resource list.

Terraria is one of those games that belongs on a portable system. Whether you’re on the go or just relaxing at home, Terraria is guaranteed to give you endless hours of exploration and enjoyment.

Mike Pittaro
Platform: PSVita
Developer: 505 Games
Publisher: 505 Games
ESRB: T (Teen)
Price: $14.99

Terraria’s Official Website

Review Score
Pleasingly beautiful 2D graphics with lush colors.
A cute sound track plays throughout.
Thanks to its open sand box world, Terraria offers endless hours of gameplay.
Terraria isn't a game, it's a lifestyle. Be assimilated today.
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