Knights of Pen and Paper +1 Edition (Review) PC

Knights of Pen and Paper +1 Edition (Review) PC
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Knights of Pen and Paper +1 Edition is a retro-style role-playing game; it’s unlike anything ever released before. It plays like a game of pen and paper Dungeons and Dragons with a group of friends during a weekend get-together.

The quests are straightforward; they give you the option to select from a handful of linear options. The different quests available include Merchant, Escorts, Slay a Monster and Acquire an Item.

You can have five characters in your party at any given time, but you start with three available character slots at the table. As you earn gold, you can purchase additional seats for more characters to join your party.

There is more to the game than just your characters. You can decorate and customize just about everything, including the look of your gaming table, rooms and more. Paradox Interactive has incorporated a currency system much like the one found in War of the Roses. If you are not familiar with Paradox Interactive’s money exchange system, it’s quite simple –  you can purchase money packs that are located within the game itself. These ‘packs’ will grant you additional in-game cash that can be used to purchase in-game items and anything else that’s dedicated to the game.

The game gives you the flexibility to decorate your ‘Nerd Room’ with different wallpaper, floor mats, rugs, and other D&D related paraphernalia. Everything you purchase grants stat bonuses that carry over to your characters. Some items increase your stats permanently, while others give you temporary bonuses. Additionally, you can purchase food for your characters. The food you purchase comes from a different shop; it’s not related to the role-playing item shop. Like most items, food gives your characters temporary bonuses.

During the course of the game, your group will have ‘out of character’ conversations with each other. The Dungeon Master will complain about being hungry or needing a bathroom break. This adds a realistic atmosphere to the game.

Gameplay is relatively simple and it works on dice rolls. As your party travels from one location to another, dice are rolled to determine if you’re attacked or not. When you arrive at your destination, you are given the option(s) to rest and heal, fight a random battle, start a quest or move to a new location. While visiting a town, your party can visit the local blacksmith to craft, upgrade weapons and armor, and even buy and sell.

In most cases, you can choose what monsters to fight before initiating combat. Each location contains a monster set, and these monsters have different levels of difficulty. As you battle, each character is given a turn to perform an action. You can use an item, attack or perform a special ability. Combat can seem repetitive at times, but it must be remembered that Knights of Pen and Paper uses traditional D&D game rules.

Knights of Pen and Paper is really fun to play. The humor and goofy quests add a refreshing perspective to the role-playing genre. And as you would imagine, the game itself is anything but normal. Humor and oddities aside, Knights of Pen and Paper is a fantastic turn-based role-playing game that brings you back to the days of pen and paper D&D.  If you are looking for an old-school role-playing game that is just brimming with humor and personality, then look no further; this is one game that will not disappoint.

James ‘Daripp3r’ Pittaro

PC System Requirements Minimum:
OS: Windows XP or later
Processor: 2000 MHz
Memory:512 MB RAM
Graphics: 640×480 minimum resolution (Direct3D/OpenGL compatible card with at least 128MB)
DirectX :9.0c
Hard Drive: 100 MB HD space
Sound: 2D sound compatible card

Developer: Behold Studios
Publisher: Paradox Interactive
Price: $14.99

Review Score
Classic 2D pixel art that is simple in design, but beautiful to look at.
A memorable soundtrack that sets the mood for the game.
Incredibly addictive gameplay that pays homage to pen and paper Dungeons and Dragons.
An absolute masterpiece, Knights of Pen and Paper is one gaming experience you will never forget.
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