Bumpin’ Uglies (Review) iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad

Bumpin’ Uglies (Review) iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad
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Ever wish you could genetically engineer a race? Bumpin’ Uglies Gene Pool Domination by Bumpin’ Uglies LLC (iTunes – Free ) is the game for you. You must take your “Ugly” and bump with another “Ugly” and create more “Uglies”. Using physics, you navigate a variety of obstacle courses including ramps, steps, moving blocks, among others. Each course has its own unique challenges and ”feel”.

As you complete each level, you must collect coins called “shineys”. These can be used to help change the look of your ugly, thus changing the look of your offspring. You can change your skin, hair, eyes, and mouth. Some of these changes are free.

You earn shineys by rolling or jumping into them. You can use these to pay for changing your look, to open the next level, and to pay for boosts. These help you to collect more coins and get into places that you can’t otherwise get into.

There are 4 boosts; Fore Play (49 shineys) – shows you your moves before you take them; Mo Mojo (59 shineys) – these give you more energy; Shrinkage (79 shineys) – allows you to shrink yourself to get under things; and Air Kicks (99 Shineys) – which makes your kicks go super high. The more mojo, shineys, and offspring you have at the end of each world, the more mojo you will start the next world with.

In the first world, Pac, Rollin’ Thrills, there are 15 worlds. Once you complete all 15 levels in the first world Pac, you can use your shines to purchase the next World Pac. There are currently 3 World Pacs – Rollin’ Thrills, Grain Waves, and Urban Bungle with a 4th one – Alba-Quirky, being worked on.

If you don’t have enough shineys, you can purchase them in 1000 ($1.99), 2500 ($4.99), 5,000 (8.99) or 10,000 (16.99). You can also go back and replay all the levels to earn more shineys. When you replay worlds, you will only have to collect the shineys that you have not already collected.

Bumpin Uglies is a fun game that anyone can enjoy. Younger kids will need some help, but they will find it fun. While some parts of the game can a be quite a challenge, the feeling of accomplishment is great. Bumpin’ Uglies is a fresh take on an old idea. Go ahead and jump into the gene pool and mix it up. You won’t regret it.

iPhone 5

Version: 1.0.2
Size: 51.7 MB
Language: English
Seller: Bumpin’ Uglies, LLC
Bumpin’ Uglies, LLC
Rated 4+

Developer: Bumpin Uglies, LLC
Publisher: Bumpin Ugliess, LLC
Price: Currently Free (Some Pay-To-Play Options)

Bumpin’ Uglies’ Official Website

Review Score
Beautiful graphics with wonderful colors and detail.
Wonderful background music and interesting sound effects fit the game perfectly.
Very intuitive and easy to figure out.
Fun game that you can play for 5 minutes or 5 hours. Great addition to anyone's library.
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