Dungeonland – Pre-Order Trailer

Dungeonland – Pre-Order Trailer

Paradox Interactive, a publisher of games for brilliant conquerors and filthy do-gooders alike, today received a friendly memo from the Dungeon Maestro, the genius behind their upcoming co-op hack ‘n’ slash title Dungeonland. The memo pointed out that spike traps and caustic liquids won’t pay for themselves, and thus Paradox is now accepting pre-orders for Dungeonland in exchange for actual money at www.dungeonlandgame.com/buy. Dungeonland will open its doors to the common rabble upon its release, scheduled for January 22, 2013.

What exactly does the price of admission give to a Dungeonland ticket holder? This handy dandy new trailer will give visitors an overview of the death fun that is in store for them.

“The sooner you get off your heroically gigantic rear and pre-order, the sooner you can start disposing of your miserable little ‘friends,'” said the Dungeon Maestro, VP of Formerly Human Resources at Paradox Interactive. “As much fun as it is to take a personal tour of Dungeonland, there’s no better way to visit my park than with other players. It’s such a helpful way to sort out your relationships – which of your peers contains the most blood, which one looks the tastiest to a dragon, and so forth. Have you paid me yet? Why are we still talking?”

As an added incentive, pre-orders of Dungeonland will come with the Grimoire Pack, a set of perks allowing for sneakier traps and meaner monsters when playing as the Dungeon Maestro.

The game will be demonstrated in a live streaming event occurring tomorrow, January 9, at 7 p.m. GMT (11 a.m. PST). Fans can watch the Dungeon Maestro hard at work slaughtering hapless fools on Paradox’s official Twitch TV channel.

Official Website: http://ww.dungeonlandgame.com

Purchase: http://www.dungeonlandgame.com/buy

Twitch.tv: www.twitchtv.com/paradoxinteractive

Pre-Order Trailer:


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