Alien Breed (Review) PSVita/Playstation Mobile

Alien Breed (Review) PSVita/Playstation Mobile
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Released in 1991 for the Commodore Amiga computer, Alien Breed by Team 17 is a top-down 2D shooter set inside a maze-like space station infested with alien creatures. The PlaystationMobile release of Alien Breed contains four games from the series –  Alien Breed, Alien Breed Special Edition, Convergence, and Valiance.

As I.P.C Agent Stone, it’s your mission to liberate a Federation Research Station from an army of alien creatures. As you play through the sequels in the series, your agent travels deeper inside the Research Station to eliminate the alien threat. The story leaves little to the imagination and can be attributed to the popular movie Aliens.

There is very little difference between the games in this collection. The sequels have larger maps and more missions to complete, but the gameplay remains about the same. Gameplay is your standard ‘find the key to unlock the door’ formula. As you search each level for keycards, you must fend off large, black alien creatures to survive. Like the coin-op classic Smash TV, your character has 8-way directional firing by using the PS Vita’s right analog stick. This helps when you become surrounded by aliens in smaller, confined areas.

Combat requires little skill on the player’s part. Since the alien creatures move at a sluggish pace, any gamer who has spent hours playing shooters like Mercs or Smash TV will have no problems killing them (even when they corner you in rooms).  The only challenge the player will face is finding the keycards. The levels are like puzzles; opening one door could lead to a deadened, while others will bring you closer to the level’s exit. Some levels are so large, it’s not uncommon to find yourself running in circles.

Your space marine starts with eight clips of ammo and little over five thousand dollars in currency (i.e. credits). Ammo clips, currency and first aid kits are placed randomly throughout the levels. Currency is used to purchase items from the Shop. By using the Shop, the player can purchase ammo clips, first aid kits, and different weaponry. There are twelve different weapons available; they range from the Intex Plasma Shotgun to the High Impact Astro (SE).

For retro gamers, Alien Breed includes all four of the Amiga classics in their original form. And surprisingly, they look and play every bit as good as the remastered versions. In fact, I found myself playing the Amiga versions more for their nostalgic value.

Gamers who remember the Alien Breed series will enjoy this collection of classic shooters for PS Vita. They’re fun, stylish, and a trip down memory lane. And while the action may feel a bit dated and even sluggish at times, there is no denying the impact they had on the genre.

Mike Pittaro
PS Vita (PSN / PSMobile)
Developer: Team 17
Publisher: Team 17
Price: $3.99

Review Score
Remastered graphics help revive this old classic.
Like the originals, sound is limited to gun fire, a narrator explaining you, 'Need a keycard' and screams of agonizing pain.
Challenging gameplay as you explore the confusing mazes for keycards. The action, though, is a bit on the lethargic side.
Retro gamers will enjoy this collection of classic shooters.
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