Minion Master – Launches on Steam Greenlight

Minion Master – Launches on Steam Greenlight

Independent micro studio BitFlip Games today announced that Minion Master, its debut strategy release that seamlessly combines elements of tabletop gaming, turn based and real-time strategy, and collectible card building games doubled its player base during the the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) in Seattle, Washington that took place on August 31st – 2nd September.

The news coincides with a new update available now that introduces in-game tutorials, new Horror Minion models and an all new look. To build support for a Minion Master commercial release on Steam, the team has also launched the official Minion Master Steam Greenlight Campaign.

“PAX Prime was a fantastic opportunity to show off Minion Master outside of our loyal, dedicated community for the first time and we are astounded to double our player base over three days”, said David Steinwedel, Executive Producer of BitFlip Games, “With Minion Master playable on six PCs, we were delighted to see new players wait for up to 30 minutes to get their hands on the beta”.

Minion Master was unveiled to the public and media for the first time at Penny Arcade Expo (PAX). Attendees who visited the BitFlip booth were given limited edition playing cards from the Minion Master universe and those who pre-ordered Minion Master will receive the game’s first expansion set for free. Twitter follower @lianuchan won the PAX Minion Master contest and will now be turned into a Minion in the game.

This month the Minion Master update includes a host of features that improve the experience and will help guide newcomers through the universe, including in-game tutorials that allow players to learn the skills of becoming a minion master from gameplay basics to mid-level training. New tutorials will be added in future updates. The September update also adds new Horror Minion models including the Spider, Slasher, Banshee, and Zombie in addition to a complete graphical overhaul.

BitFlip Games will also continue to run the ‘Play with a Developer’ events whereby the beta community can play online with members of the development team and join a chat server to ask questions, talk strategy and deck-building or just make suggestions and give feedback. Launched simultaneously with the multiplayer, these weekly events are becoming increasingly popular and crowded while providing direct feedback to the development team.

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