CD Projekt RED: Q&A From Fans About Cyberpunk

CD Projekt RED: Q&A From Fans About Cyberpunk

CD Projekt RED made big waves with the announcement of a Cyberpunk game prior to E3. We’ve been rather quiet about the game since then, and… well… we’re still being pretty quiet about it!

However, CDPR Community Manager, Marcin Momot, took some time to answer a few questions from fans about the eagerly-anticipated game.

Below you can find the original questions followed by answers from CD Projekt RED Community Manager, Marcin Momot.

  • Q1: Richie79: What elements are you using as inspiration (references) for making Cyberpunk?
  • A1: Marcin Momot: There are quite a few actually. Aside from the obvious ones like the works of William Gibson or the Blade Runner movie, we also take from the first Ghost in the shell, both anime and manga. We’re also looking up to ShellShock because of its interesting approach to gameplay. The first part of Deus Ex is also a very important source of inspiration to us.
  • Q2: Guipit: Will choosing your class affect the story? If so, how much?
  • A2: MM: It’s always been very important to us to deliver mature and ambitious entertainment. It’s not going to be any different this time around. We want to keep the role system from the pen & paper version of Cyberpunk. As opposed to the regular fantasy set-up with mages, warriors and archers, we’re going for something different. In Cyberpunk, each character role will offer a set of special skills that will impact your stats in many different ways. That’s where the challenge kicks in, we want to create a game where character customization will be strongly tied with the plot. Now going from that, we believe that we can make a game where, with many different role choices, you will get a very strong, engaging story, just like it was with The Witcher.

  • Q3: Mihura: Will there be full customization of our character like a D&D game, things like gender, ethnicity, moral stand point, sexuality…etc or we will be restrict to something like Geralt from TW2?
  • A3: MM: We definitely want to give players way more freedom with customization of the main protagonist then they had with Geralt in The Witcher series. We are planning on letting them change their statistics, equipment, implants and much more.
  • Q4: Saoe: When can we expect to see more info, screenshots or first videos from the game?
  • A4: MM: I keep bothering guys from the art team to release some new content soon but they don’t want to listen to me for some reason. I won’t give up though, so make sure to follow our website and social media because when I finally convince them, you will be the first ones to know.
  • Q5: Geralt The Riv: Will the setting be a totally new designed by CDPR(You know like name of the planet, country, state, city etc) or just a mimic of a current location?(New York, L.A. Miaimi etc…..)
  • A5: MM: Cyberpunk’s story takes place all over the world, but we’re going to focus on it’s most characteristic venue – Night City. One thing is certain, we want to make a game with an open, living world that stays true to the source material.

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