Of Orcs and Men – New Screenshots Released

Of Orcs and Men – New Screenshots Released

Of Orcs and Men, the grand role-playing game, developed by Spiders (Direction and Development) and Cyanide (Concept and Production) for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC, unveils a series of four new in-game screenshots today!

Arkaïl, the fearsome Orc warrior from the legendary legion of Bloodjaws, and Styx, a Goblin master of the assassin arts and dirty tricks, go deeper inside Human territory to reach the objective of their perilous quest: assassinate the Emperor of men!

Though these two atypical heroes fail to get along, they must thicken their green skin and combine their talents to face the Imperial army and the Inquisition fanatics who are restlessly hunting them down.

From the Wall separating the Empire of Men from the Orc territories, to the Isle of Laments, Of Orcs and Men‘s fantasy universe comes to life thanks to the powerful graphics engine developed by Spiders.

The screenshots revealed today are testimony to the care brought by Spiders and Cyanide to create a quality role-playing game endowed with a strong identity, an exceptional ambiance, and unique graphics rendering.

Take arms, and lead the green-skinned people’s rebellion in October 2012!

Official Website: http://www.OfOrcsAndMen.com



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