Brawl Busters & MicroVolts – Celebrates The 2012 Summer Olympics

Brawl Busters & MicroVolts – Celebrates The 2012 Summer Olympics

To celebrate the start of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, Rock Hippo Productions announced today that both popular free-to-play games, Brawl Busters and MicroVolts, will host their very own Micro-Lympics and Brawlympics games for their Clans and Crews.  Both events will  begin today, July 27th and run through August 12th.  Busters can suit up and go for the gold at

MicroVolters can check out all that the Micro-lympics has to offer at

Starting today, MicroVolters can participate in 5 events to earn Micro-lympic Points for their clan that can translate into huge grand prizes including a Gold, Silver or Bronze Weapon Set.  Events will include all the Olympic favorites including a Relay race as players try to grab five batteries in the fastest time from the enemy’s base, a Diving contest to master the most fanciful dive from the top of the Toy Fleet map and a Shooting competition to aim for the most hits on the jumping GMs as they bounce off trampolines!.

To compete in these games plus more, players can visit for all the event details!

Players can also look forward to a brand new English MicroVolts website coming soon next week!

Busters worldwide can also look forward to a slew of exciting Brawlympic competitions!  Players will strive to earn the most EXP in the Marathon event, top Boxers will face off in a Team Deathmatch tournament, quick brawlers will take on Zombie Survival in Sprint, sharp-shooters will compete for the Archery medals, and teamwork will be put to test in Relay Race! The top three Crews of the Brawlympics will win the highly-coveted and rare Lightning outfit set for each Crew member.

Players can check out all the event details and participation info at:


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