Naval War: Arctic Circle (Preview) PC

Naval War: Arctic Circle (Preview) PC

Stepping into the Admiral’s seat is no easy feat. Naval War: Arctic Circle is a strategy game where you take control of fleets both in the air and on land. The game can be viewed from either a small display via the GUI or fullscreen which replaces the overhead map view.

Planning out your course of action is vital to your success in battle. Taking on the enemy with guns blazing will definitely end in disaster. Knowing when to strike and when to sit idle is key; staying cool under pressure and thinking out every movement is very important. The GUI (Graphical User Interface) is easy to use and very functional.

But with the overwhelming commands and orders that can be dispatched to your units, sometimes things can get a little confusing in the beginning. Luckily, there is a wonderful tutorial that walks you through each stage and helps you with the basics.

There are two different campaigns available in Naval War: Arctic Circle that allow you to play as either Nato or Russia. Both campaigns have their own equipment to master. There is over 35 million square kilometers to explore and wage war on. Once you finish both campaigns, you can take your game online to compete against other players.

Naval War: Arctic Circle will have you probing for hidden submarines, arming weapons on tactical jets and reconnaissance in helicopters. The realism doesn’t end with the combat physics; you must also keep track of your vehicles’ fuel gauges. Not only do you have to plan routes for your units, but you have to figure in fuel for the ride home.

The more realism a game has the more I enjoy it. Some people will argue that graphics are more important, but when it comes to strategy games, it’s the attention in the details that really matter.

The strategy world had better brace itself for impending war. Naval War: Arctic Circle is arriving on April 10th and there is no stopping it.

James ‘Daripp3r’ Pittaro

Paradox Interactive’s Website

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