Funky Barn 3D – Announced For Nintendo 3DS

Funky Barn 3D – Announced For Nintendo 3DS

Run your own 3D funky and frenzied farm! Are you ready to make some wool? Pop your sheep into The Shearing Machine and he will hilariously cannonball out, surprised but shorn. Ready to harvest your crops? Hook up the Flying Fruit Box-Haybale-Coptor that flies around crazily picking up boxes of fruit and grain. With tons of wacky contraptions and goofy animals, Funky Barn 3D is not your average farm game.

Players can raise and manage lots of quirky animals each with their own challenges and eccentric personalities. You have the ability to farm hands-on via the touch screen by shaking trees to make fruit fall, build gardens, throw unsuspecting cows into a milking machine, or even shake a cow while it’s eating a strawberry to create strawberry milk.

Players can strategically build infrastructures and manage their budgets by building water pumps, laying down roads, purchasing farm dogs to keep pests away, and keep pollution at bay by planting trees. You can connect and trade rare items and animals with your friends by staying connected through the Enhanced Tag Mode. Create your own farm from the ground up, choose to work on a farm in a challenging geographic location, or revive an already out-of-control farm.


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