Naval War: Arctic Circle – Developer Diary #2

Naval War: Arctic Circle – Developer Diary #2

As Russian and NATO naval task forces converge north of Iceland, a crisis has erupted in NATO Central Command. Unsure of the admirals directing the fleet, Western governments and defense councils are struggling to find a military mind that is agile enough to compete with a Russian navy much stronger than originally estimated. In what could prove to be a turning point in an already unpredictable crisis, NATO Central Command is trolling its officer list for somebody with the proven ability to be patient and ruthless in equal measure.

This is the challenge that awaits you in Naval War: Arctic Circle, the upcoming real time naval wargame from Turbo Tape Games and Paradox Interactive. This latest developer diary will help prepare the next admiral for the heavy task that awaits him. In this video developer diary, the developers talk about the weather system and the trade-offs of active radar.

Earlier trailers established the game’s central premise, informed you about the forces that will do battle in the frigid north and revealed gameplay footage of combat on the high seas.

This is your chance to prove you can stand with Themistocles, Nelson and Nimitz as a master of the art of war at sea. Weapons platforms from a dozen nations are at your disposal as you fight in a single player campaign to stop Russian advances on European and American ocean resources, or in a range of single player scenarios. Then you can take on your friends in multiplayer to who truly understands the delicate game of cat and mouse and 400 lb warhead that is naval conflict in today’s world.

Coming this spring, you will have a chance to direct this battle and claim these riches for your country in Naval War: Arctic Circle‘s single player campaign or in multiplayer engagements.

Your country needs you. History is calling. Will you be ready?

Developer Diary #2:


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