Trine 2: AAAA Expansion – Teaser Trailer

Trine 2: AAAA Expansion – Teaser Trailer

Why settle for DLC, when you can get an AAAA expansion?

We here at Frozenbyte have released a teaser video about the upcoming Trine 2 expansion, which will deliver a gaming experience in the AAAA category for our audience. We’ve been hinting at this expansion for a while including at GDC, and now we’re ready to show a glimpse of it, in all its AAAA glory.

On a more serious note, we will announce the price and the release date (and name!) and other details later in the spring. I can reveal that we estimate the sun to be shining brightly here in Finland when we release the expansion so we can all go enjoy vacations in the summer period. For the past few years we have always dreamed to be
able to do just that, perhaps it works this time.

The reason why it takes a long time is that we love Trine 2 and we want to do it justice – a proper new campaign that will be stunning, in a class of its own. Or in other words, we really don’t want to deliver anything but AAAA.



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