Miner Wars – Development: Phase III

Miner Wars – Development: Phase III

Keen Software House unleashes the third wave of the call for player participation on Miner Wars development. The full Encyclopedia of the Miner Wars universe is now available and accessible for everyone interested in the story background of Miner Wars 2081.

Help us make Miner Wars the next world phenomenon, earn cash, and get special prizes! We have just unveiled the whole Encyclopedia of the Miner Wars universe, explaining all the important characters, factions, technologies and the historic timeline between now and 2081. Excited about it? The Miner Wars Encyclopedia is ready for you to read and contribute to – by your feedback, ideas or any other means!

Read now in PDF or online!

  1. Miner Wars Encyclopedia – Lite (shortened version, PDF): http://mirror1.minerwars.com/Encyclopedia/MW_Encyclopedia_Lite.pdf
  2. Full Miner Wars Encyclopedia (PDF):  http://mirror1.minerwars.com/Encyclopedia/MW_Encyclopedia_Full.pdf
  3. Miner Wars Wiki –http://wiki.minerwars.com/

Participate in Miner Wars Development – Phase 3: Story Contributions. If you are interested in expanding the Miner Wars universe, there are several opportunities for you right now:

  • Contribute to the new Miner Wars Wiki (make it better, make it more detailed) – http://wiki.minerwars.com!
  • Write stories, novelettes or other texts related to Miner Wars universe, and submit them to the forums at MinerWars.com !

Get your work into the upcoming AAA title, Miner Wars: 2081!

Short Story / Novelette Competition: Deadline for the first competition submissions is the 29thof February. Send us your stories and win cool prizes!

  • 1st Place: 100 USD Reward + Full Miner Wars 2081 game + 3000 QP
  • 2nd Place: 75 USD Reward + Full Miner Wars 2081 game + 2000 QP
  • 3rd Place: 50 USD Reward + Full Miner Wars 2081 game + 1500 QP

The best stories will also be considered for print, distributed in the box retail version together with Miner Wars 2081 (as an addition to game manual, etc.).

Competition Rules:

  • The story must strictly adhere to the Miner Wars universe described in MW Encyclopedia.
  • The story has to be in written in English.
  • The length of the story may be a short story (7,500 words max) or a novelette (7,500-17,500 words).
  • You must incorporate a reasonable amount of elements from the MW Encyclopedia, such as characters and events depicted therein.
  • The general mood and atmosphere of the story should resemble the setting of Miner Wars 2081.
  • The story can take part either before or after the great Solar Event of 2070, however, keep in mind that pre-Solar Event and post-Solar Event times are really different (prior to 2070 is a futuristic setting, but not post-apocalyptic!).

Miner Wars Wiki – How to Participate
Anyone can participate in Miner Wars Wiki and add more information – you can add characters, world and historical events and other interesting content. All you have to do is to get accustomed to the Miner Wars universe, (by reading the MW Encyclopedia), and start submitting content to MW Wikipedia. The content on wiki is divided into “official” and “unofficial” submissions. Anyone can add wiki articles as unofficial submissions and from these, our team will pick the ones eligible to become official (therefore, accepted to become a part of Miner Wars universe). The criteria for acceptance as official is, 1) quality of writing, 2) consistency with the rest of the game universe, 3) no collision with our future plans, (ie. you invented a character of your own, however, it is in conflict with the campaign storyline we are in progress of implementing).

Qualification Points and MW Frontline Developer Program
The most creative and resourceful players can become part of our team and participate in Miner Wars development and promotion. Keep in mind that responsibility comes together with the possibilities and benefits. If you decide to take part in Miner Wars development, the future of Miner Wars is also in your hands!  For a list of benefits and special rewards for MW Frontline Developers, see  http://www.minerwars.com/MWFD/

Phases of Miner Wars Frontline Developer program:

  • 13th December 2011 – Phase 1: Affiliate links and lifetime profit sharing
  • 20th December 2011 – Phase 2: 3D model submissions + Competition
  • 27th December 2011 – Phase 3: MW Encyclopedia + Story Submissions + Competition
  • 3rd January 2012 – Phase 4: Concept Art Submission + Competition
  • More phases to come…



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