Runes of Magic – Magic Hub Interface

Runes of Magic – Magic Hub Interface

Enjoy a Range of New Functions in Runes of Magic with ‘Magic Hub’

Online RPG publisher Frogster, together with software developer Overwolf, now offers all Runes of Magic players the chance to use numerous social media applications from within the game. The practical multitasking tool, called Magic Hub, incorporates a variety of social media functions, which normally can’t be found in a computer game, into the successful free-to-play MMO.

In a user interface optimized for Runes of Magic, the software allows players to visit the official forum, post status updates on Facebook and capture screenshots and video, to name just a few of the new features. Magic Hub also combines browser functions as well as the most popular instant messaging clients in one interface that players can access at any time. To enhance their gaming experience all players have to do is download the current client for free from

Frogster’s CMO Daniel Ullrich expressed his enthusiasm with the new collaboration: “Our new partnership with Overwolf will bridge the gap between the fantasy world of online gaming and the accessibility of social platforms.” He added, “It will give millions of Runes of Magic players the chance to exchange the latest screenshots with their guildmates on Facebook, post videos on YouTube, search databases for new items or just check their account settings, and all that while they’re still in the game.”


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