MTG: Tactics – Spellbook Vlog

MTG: Tactics – Spellbook Vlog

Today Sony Online Entertainment unveils an a new video showcasing how players can strategically build their spellbooks to dominate in Magic: The Gathering – Tactics, the free-to-play online animated grid-based tactical strategy title out now for the PC. With commentary from Executive Producer Mark Tuttle, the video focuses on the importance of building a powerful yet balanced spellbook by utilizing the game’s versatile tools, which track helpful stats for players, such as mana production rates to spell distribution percentages. These spellbook mechanics will help players construct the perfect deck, and ready Planeswalkers for tournament play.

As an animated Planeswalker, Magic fans will be given the ultimate 3D online gaming experience as they command some of the franchise’s most iconic creatures including Serra Angel, Colossus of Sardia or Raya Dawnbringer. Whether using the Fireball, Doom Blade or Lightning, players can dive right into intense tactical battles featuring all five colors of Magic.

MTG: Tactics – VLog:

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