PS+ Wrong Move by Sony?

PS+ Wrong Move by Sony?

Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 gamers have been debating the online aspect of their favorite game consoles for some time now. Xbox 360 gamers have argued that since XBL is a pay service, the overall content offers better demos and exclusives. Playstation 3 gamers argued that free is better. The PSN has been a unique experience since day one. It comes free with every Playstation 3 console. It’s as simple as creating a profile, signing up, and connecting to the network. When browsing the PSN, you have access to free game demos, gamer themes, DLC, and even games. Buying something is as simple as using your credit card or using a PSN money card. Easy, simple, and hassle free… until this year’s E3.

Enter the new PS+. Sony unveiled the PS+ yesterday at this year’s E3. The PS+ is a premium service that will cost $49. Upon launch, Sony will be offering a free 3 month trial to Playstation 3 users. Here’s the kicker: PS3 gamers who don’t subscribe to the service by the end of the free trial will have their content from the service disabled.

Worst yet, PSN exclusives (especially DLC) that we have taken for granted will eventually become PS+ exclusives. It will no longer be as simple as visiting the PSN store to purchase the latest DLC for new releases.  You will be required to purchase a PS+ subscription to have access to DLC that would have otherwise been available on the original PSN.

This concept could easily backfire on Sony.  It is common knowledge that most PS3 gamers were attracted to Sony’s free network, and dividing it down the middle could really hurt its user base. Sony will need to do some serious tweaking to its network to compete with XBL. They will also need to do more than just divide the content between the two networks if they want to keep their gamers happy, and let’s be honest — they won’t be.

-Mike ‘STGuy1040‘ Pittaro

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  • Godchild1020

    Sony never stated that you have to be a PSN+ Subscriber to have access to DLC,PSN+ Subscribers will get demos and other stuff earlier.
    Sony is not stupid enough to hold DLC from non-subscribers.

    The next thing is we get 3 extra months not three months trail. So we pay for 12 and get 15 months.

    You need to get your facts straight.

  • Daim

    Whine, whine, whine.

  • Gergles

    You can STILL buy map packs if you dont have PSN+

    And you are not BUYING the content given to you in PSN+

  • PL101

    I think its great that you get a free game every month and a free trial for games, that alone sold me on PSN+.

  • xino

    fail much!?

    “PS3 gamers who don’t subscribe to the service by the end of the free trial will have their content from the service disabled.”

    who said that? Sony never said that?
    assumption much?

    PS3 Gamers who cancel their subscription will only have their downloaded FREE content disabled! It doesn’t mean normal PS3 gamers.

    PSN+ is OPTIONAL! Not compulsory! Get it right man. PSN+ is only there for people who wants to get MORE out of the PSN Store.

    What exclusive DLC? O_o…the only exclusive DLC i know is timed exclusive that Microsoft pays for in the end Sony will get the same thing.

    No you are WRONG, Sony did the right thing by introducing this PSN+!

  • STGuy1040

    Thank you for commenting. Like the article states, PS3 gamers who don’t subscribe to the service by the end of the free trial will have their content from the service disabled. The article never states that normal PS3 content is affected.

    Sony is promising avatars, themes, and other items non-subscribers cannot get. There is more planned. Additional resource:

    The article never states that PS+ is mandatory; it mentions that for additional content and features, a subscription is required.

  • NEzCsEW6r

    I want to post quick hello and want to say appriciate for this good article.