IMO: The World of Magic hits iPhone/iPod Touch

IMO: The World of Magic hits iPhone/iPod Touch

The first MMORPG for iPhone/iPod Touch has arrived in IMO: The World of Magic. IMO is an RPG that blends with the social networking interests of current gamers to create an unique and interesting game. Available character classes include the standby’s Fighter, Ranger and Wizard (the basics are covered, do you really need anything else?) and you can choose where your character hails from, Lanos Kingdom or Sirus Empire (of course gender selection, name choices, hair styles and color are available too).

Bringing in friends and family is what IMO is all about, allowing players to bring in 4 members for their party to go battling the creatures in the wild. For those gamers looking for a more casual approach, there is the option to create a guild of up to 40 members that offers chatting opportunities (including the ever popular shouting, whisper and guild chat among others).

Now for the occasional dispute between players from different realms, there is the player vs. player arenas where you can settle any differences without interupting other gamers. This can also be used strategically to cause havoc in the other realm in various forms.

Com2uS has released IMO as a free to play MMORPG which uses the microtransaction business model to subsidize costs incurred. This means, if you want to play and just enjoy the game as is, go right ahead, no one is stopping you, though, if you are a power player that has to be leveled up as fast as possible, or fighting the biggest baddies sooner than later, you have the option to purchase upgrades and such for your character. One difference with IMO when compared to other free to play MMORPG’s is that it is clearly stated that you are not required to purchase anything to complete the game, I am not sure if this is available in other similar MMORPG’s but from reading about them, I don’t remember it being mentioned (that is my little disclaimer folks).

Get on the App Store and get IMO: The World of Magic today.

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