Get The Game Trail and Save Time

Get The Game Trail and Save Time

The Game Trail, a program that pulls together many different items of content from the Apple App Store is growing more and more as time goes on (since it was first launched in February, TGT has grown over 400%).  This is a real time saver for anyone that spends very much time at all looking through the many many thousands of software titles looking for something good to purchase and play. On average, users of TGT browse 4.5 titles spending about 5 minutes checking out possible software purchases (approximately 10% actually follow through with that urge). Making available a video of game titles seems to have been a great influence in the purchase decision (see that app publishers? Give a video and you might increase sales).

The latest update to The Games Trail allows users toactually “trail” a genre (if you are a big match 3 in the vein of Bejeweled then TGT will allow you to get updates on games that are similar-neat huh?). Another feature of the newest TGT software is an “Upcoming” feature that will give users a first look at software that is soon to be released (magazines like EGM used to call these preview sections “Next Wave” and Gamepro called it “Previews” after renaming it from the old “Proviews”-everything had to have Pro in there somewhere). You can also set TGT to give you an alert when a title you are interested in is released. This is a great feature as it is sometimes a chore searching sites that cover iPhone/iPod Touch games looking for the latest information. You can do it from a single app now, right on your iPhone/iPod Touch. With over 25,000 game titles in the App Store, The Game Trail can quickly become an invaluable resource for gamers short on time (who isn’t nowadays?).

The Game Trail is the product of Fabrication Games, a Swedish mobile developer that was created with the intent of saving iPhone/iPod Touch gamers time and to help stop wasted purchases on titles that gamers don’t like after getting them (the whole no refunds thing rearing it’s ugly head here).

Features of TGT include reviews, videos and unbiased rankings from other users (have you seen our latest editorial about certain sites taking money for reviewing titles? We are not saying TGT is partaking of this, just wanting to alert readers to the importance of having unbiased rankings). Game titles are added on a daily basis and is currently growing at a rate of 50% per month (that is amazing growth and a headache to keep up with).

If you are tired of endlessly searching for good games that will be fun and interesting for you to play, then definitely get The Game Trail. Just remember the more time you save from searching for games is more time you can spend playing games.

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Platform: iPhone/iPod Touch
Genre: Gaming finding utility
Price: Free!

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