J2 Games Facebook Contest (You Aren’t on Facebook? Find Out What You Are Missing)

J2 Games Facebook Contest (You Aren’t on Facebook? Find Out What You Are Missing)

The guys over at J2 Games are running a contest on their Facebook page where you can win very real and very cool prizes.  Each month there will be a new picture chosen for the contest, this could be a screenshot, a box shot or just about anything else gaming related.  All you have to do to bring home some cool gaming swag is comment on the facebook page with the correct answer to two questions about the pic.  1) What game is it and 2) What system was it for.  Not hard at all, though they are really trying everyone’s gaming knowledge with the March contest (the February contest was a grainy pic of a western scene-the answer was Mad Dog McCree for Sega CD and the prize was a signed copy of “Confessions of the Game Doctor” by Bill Kunkel).

Head over to the official J2 Games Facebook page and try your gaming knowledge for a chance to win a GenCore Game System (plays your Genesis + MegaDrive games and comes pre-loaded with 20 games on it!)!  This is a prize currently valued at $44.95 according to J2 Games own store.  It can be yours for just answering a couple of questions about a pic.

While at the J2 Games Facebook page, why not become a friend of theirs so that you will be kept up to date on future contests with as little hassle as possible?

J2 Games gaming contest on Facebook link.

Why not check out their website at www.j2games.com and see what gaming goodness they have in stock (don’t be shy, contact them as they are constantly moving merchandise and don’t always have time to list it before it is gone).

One last link, follow J2 Games on Twitter too to keep up on the latest news and forum posts (you never know, you might end up talking with a gaming legend if you venture into their forums).

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