Toki Tori (Review)

Toki Tori (Review)

Want to play an eggcellent game?  Try Toki Tori by Two Tribes.  You play Toki Tori, a small yellow chick that has to collect all the eggs in the puzzle.  Toki is given several ways to solve the problem of getting to his eggs.  You get tools such as bridges, teleports, the ability to move blocks, and more.

After a practice level, each of your tools is limited.  There are also obstacles in your way such as ghosts and slugs.  You must find a way to either incapacitate your obstacle or go around it. When you get really frustrated with a level and wish you could skip it, the Wildcard is always an option.  You have one Wildcard per game.  The nice thing about Toki Tori is if you solve the level you skipped at a later time, you get the Wildcard back.

In order to solve the puzzles, you must think outside the box.  There are four areas that you solve and two levels of difficulty.  If Toki Tori gets stuck and can not go anywhere he will sit down and the level must be restarted.  (I did this so many times, I think I had the location of the escape key memorized and no longer had to look to hit it.)  The levels range from simple to complex where you have to try many different combinations till you figure it out.

Toki Tori was released on January 29, 2010 and costs $4.99, £3.49, €4,49, but there is an early bird special for 1 week of 25% off.  You can check out the official website at : or the steam site at

Overall, this is an eggcellent game for all ages.  It has incredible graphics that bring the character and surroundings to life and the sound effects are cute.  Every time I died, the sound effect made me smile.  Two Tribes did an incredible job of bringing an old Gameboy game back to life.  Definitely worth adding to your collection of games.

Score 9 out of 10
Dani P

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