Simplz: Zoo Released by Reflexive Entertainment

Simplz: Zoo Released by Reflexive Entertainment

Reflexive Entertainment has just announced Simplz: Zoo for the PC and Mac computers. Simplz: Zoo is a combination of two different genres, simulation and puzzle blended together with that trademark Reflexive style.
Being put in charge of a small zoo, gamers are required to make their zoo the No. 1 zoo in the world. Picking the animals, exhibits and layout of the zoo is just the start of Simplz: Zoo, you will have to earn money to pay for those things in the match 3 puzzles that are available. Your style of play in the match 3 portion will directly effect your available resources in the zoo as you collect needed supplies as well as money. Not being a one way relationship, the match 3 games available power ups are changed depending on the exhibit and other factors in the zoo.

“With our last game, Airport Mania, we set out to make people smile,” said Russell Carroll designer and producer of Simplz: Zoo. “Airport Mania did very well, and to date has been one of our bestsellers across all platforms. With Simplz: Zoo, we hope to delight even more people with a similar comical style and lots of make-you-smile goodness.”

Coming with more than 50 different buildings and exhibits along with more than 90 different types of animals Simplz: Zoo will keep players busy for a long time of puzzle/simulation fun. Taking on some gameplay aspects of older simulation games from years gone by, your park visitors will share their feelings and thoughts while visiting. A unique secret code system that holds many secrets that are unlocked only through entering the right code word or words is also making an appearance.

Simplz: Zoo by Reflexive Entertainment – website
Platform: PC and Mac
Due: Now
Genre: Puzzle/Simulation

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