Encleverment Experiment (Review)

Encleverment Experiment (Review)

Welcome to Professor Ivor Question’s lab of brain teasers and mathematical questions. Encleverment Experiment is a series of challenging mini games that challenge your cerebral cortex against the CPU, your friends, or a group of people online. Your objective is to outwit your opponent, answer the questions correctly, and end the game with the highest score.

The mini games consist of memorization, math, and hand-eye coordination. Each game varies in difficulty, and they don’t appear in the same order every time. Certain games, like the Teleporter, are very easy to complete.  A person appears inside the machine with certain features that must be studied. Once the alloted time has expired, the person disappears, and four faces are shown with only one being the correct answer.


Professor Ivor Question will continue to test your memory by asking you to organize his shelf of things. This large shelf contains bottles filled with various objects. At the very top of the screen, you are shown the bottle that needs to be removed from a specific shelf. Since the gameplay is pretty straight-forward, you have to press the corresponding button on the joypad — either A, B , X or Y — that coincides with the shelf the item is on. The right answer will increase your score, while the incorrect answer will result in witty retort from the Professor.

Each quiz becomes increasingly difficult as you continue to play. Welcome to the Jumble, as the name implies, jumbles up words for you to unscramble. This may sound simple, but when are pressured for time, and have to choose between one of four scrambled words, you begin to realize how challenging this game can really be.


EE offers challenges in both single-player and multiplayer flavours. Single-player allows you to Take-A-Test in the Professor’s game show, participate in Cranial Calibration – which is broken down into four different categories – and Mental Marathon. Take-A-Test starts you off against a novice CPU opponent. The CPU isn’t too intelligent and generally answers the questions wrong. Once you defeat the novice, a second contestant is unlocked and so on. Each new contestant is more challenging than the last, and there are 13 in all.  If you are lucky, you might even challenge the Professor.

Mascots also accompany you through the game. Your selection of mascots is very limited at first, but you can purchase more in the Mascot Shop by using Noodles, the in-game equivalent of currency. Mascots are cute, cuddly, and make funny noises to express their emotions. Pick your favorite one before each game and watch how they react when you answer a question wrong; they are very entertaining to watch. The Mascot Shop is filled with countless mascots of all shapes, sizes, and genders. Fancy a female Panda wearing a swimsuit? You’re in luck. Ever wanted to own an alien wearing a wig with large, oval eyes? You’ll be happy with the selection.  Each mascot wears a distinctive outfit, so you are encouraged to collect every single one.


EE is a fantastic game for the entire family. It is fun, challenging, and offers new quizzes every time you advance to a new contestant. Treat yourself for a change and experience the light-hearted, whimsical world of Encleverment Experiment. Those who shall remain unnamed never did this title any justice.

Score 8 out of 10
Mike ‘STGuy1040’ Pittaro

Platform: Xbox 360 / XBL
Developer: Blitz Arcade


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