Elven Legacy: Magic Threatened by Darkness, Can You Stop It?

Elven Legacy: Magic Threatened by Darkness, Can You Stop It?

Paradox Interactive has released screens of the final game in the Elven Legacy Trilogy with Darkness, which requires the original Elvan Legacy game to play.  Can you stop the demonic magical energy that is threatening the world?  Sylent is the latest city to be attacked by this evil plague and it is up to you to stop it from advancing to the rest of the known world before it is too late.

Alfred Brennock, an Archmage of great power, is at the forefront of the battle and is the only one that can stop this attack with runes and magical abilities that he has spent a lifetime honing.

Key Features:

• 15 new campaign missions
• A new hero and the return of heroes of old
• New tactical skills; armies of summons, and sacred dwarven runes
• Powerful new spells and artifacts that can drastically affect any given tactical situation if used correctly
• Bonus mission that continues the tales of heroes from Elven Legacy and Fantasy Wars

Elven Legacy: Magic by Paradox Interactive – website
System: PC
Due: Now





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