Trine (Review)

Trine (Review)

Imagine a world where you have control over the physics. In this world, you may encounter an obstacle that may seem impossible to pass. It could be a ledge or platforms that tower above you, but one platform is missing, preventing you from climbing. Enter Trine by Frozenbyte. In this unforgettable fantasy world of monsters, undead, and creepy creatures that lurk in the dark, you take control of three heroes who become fused together by a powerful device called Trine. During this adventure, you must control a wizard, a cunning thief, and a brawny fighter on their quest to rid their kingdom of evil.



Trine is unlike anything previously seen in the platform genre. The wizard is capable of moving and stacking objects, creating bridges to cross openings, and conjuring objects to help the others complete their tasks. The thief is cunning, quick on her feet, and armed with a grappling hook and bow. Her role is just as pivotal as the others. The warrior is heavy, bulky, and all brawn. His sword and shield are his company, and his ability to dash through barricades comes in handy.



The beauty of this game is how all three characters are needed to complete the puzzles found in each area. Since the levels are expansive and filled with many pits, puzzles, and traps, the wizard can use his lifting ability to move boxes left around the level to stack them. This can be done easily by using the mouse. In some cases, stacking the boxes isn’t enough to reach an area, so switching to the thief – who is capable of jumping higher than the wizard – will help you pass the obstacle. Reaching this area may require you to quickly change to the warrior if skeleton warriors decide to attack at a moment’s notice. Each character can be easily selected by using the keyboard. There are no limitations to switching between your heros, so this can be done in real-time as needed.



What is real intriguing is the Wizard’s ability to ‘draw’ objects. While using the mouse, you can draw objects on the screen. The system used for this ability is intuitive and user-friendly. Each spell requires you to press and hold the left mouse button while you make the outline of an object on-screen. Need a bridge to cross a chasm? No problem! Press and hold the left mouse button, draw a line from one end of the cliff to the other, and you will have magically created a bridge. The good news is that your line doesn’t have to be perfectly straight to work, so people nervous about this aspect of the game can sit back and breath a sigh of relief.



The other heroes have traits also useful to your adventure. The thief, as mentioned earlier, can use a grappling hook to reach high places. She can also use this device to swing across impassable areas that the Wizard’s bridges can’t cross. Her trusty bow is not only perfect for long-range attacks, but it can cut ropes that may be suspending items from high above. The warrior can use his shield to block incoming arrow attacks, sword blows, and other dangers. He can also dash into barricades to clear the way.



A leveling system allows you to increase the skills of each hero. Each time your hero levels, a point is given that must be spent on a certain skill set. A good example would be the wizard’s ability to create better bridges, the Thief’s ability to shoot more than one arrow, and the Warrior’s ability to kill more efficiently. There is very little character customization beyond this feature, so RPG veterans may find this a bit disappointing.

Trine’s mixture of action and perplexing puzzles never seem to grow old.  Some puzzles are not so obvious at first, and they require additional thinking to overcome. A deep water hole leading to a hidden area may seem like the perfect job for the agile Thief to tackle, but when you begin to descend, you realize you don’t have enough air to survive. Thinking outside the box, so to speak, and taking the plunge with the armor-heavy warrior, will send you to the bottom quicker without having to swim. Once at the bottom of the water hole, switching to the thief will renew your breath and allow you to swim very quickly to the other side of the underwater cavern.




Combat feels stable and works really well.  The Thief is a lifesaver when enemies attack from suspended platforms; her bow is very accurate. It will require some practice to learn how to aim your bow, but once this is understood, attacking is simple. Our bulky warrior is pretty straight-forward. He can plow through his enemies with his sword and dash when needed; he can also sustain more damage than his companions.


Checkpoints, in the shape of crystal balls on pedestals, mark your progress when you touch them. These also serve a dual purpose. When a hero in your party dies, you can return to one of these checkpoints to resurrect him or her. Some games are unforgiving and force you to start over when a party member dies, but Trine eliminates a well-known gaming headache with this feature. Kudus to Frozenbyte for adding this!

By offering a unique physics engine, Trine is one of the most unique, innovative platform games in recent memory. Fans of the genre will not be disappointed.

Score: 8 out of 10

Mike ‘STGuy1040‘ Pittaro

Platform: PC

Price: $19.99

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