Shockwave Games Releases 3 New Games

Shockwave Games Releases 3 New Games, the original casual gaming site has just released three more fun little games for gamers to enjoy. One is a similar to Space Invaders with better graphics and the other is quite unique in it’s own right and should definitely be checked out. Both are free to play so why not give them a shot?


Fly Me to the Moon has players taking on the role of Super Mouse who needs your help in getting to the cheese moon. Along the way, Super Mouse can pick up stars made out of Gruyere, Gouda and Roquefort. Getting to the moon involves Super Mouse running around the available planets to sling shot his way up (or in other directions depending on which way he is facing when you click). There is a time limit so don’t waste too much time getting to the moon or it will be game over.
Fly Me to the Moon’s website


Invaders Catch! IC places the gamer in control of a ship at the bottom of the screen, just like Space Invaders did over 30 years ago (if it isn’t broke, don’t mess with it) taking on aliens who are trying to destroy your planet. Tokens are rewarded for good gameplay (this may be a members only perk so go ahead and sign up at
Invaders Catch! website

campfire lengends

Campfire Legends – The Hookman is a spooky hidden object game that has gamers trying to find the various objects without getting scared to death! Campfire Legends is available in demo form and for $6.99 if you want the full game.
Campfire Legends – The Hookman website

Shockwave Games – website
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