A Boy and his Blob Gameplay Video

A Boy and his Blob Gameplay Video


A Boy and his Blob Introduction video]Majesco is set to release their re-imagining of sorts for A Boy and his Blob on Nintendo Wii come October 13th.  We here at Pixel Perfect Gaming are no strangers to the the great game that this is based on that was released oh so many years ago on the Nintendo Entertainment System.  This is one of those games that you know is going to be great, it has to be and will be.

Majesco is going all out with this game, hand drawn art (none of that rendered stuff we got for so many years), jelly bean based gameplay and just fun times to be had figuring out how to beat the puzzles that lay between the boy and his blob and Blobolonia, Blob’s homeworld.  How many of you out there know what the blobs real name is?

Check out the gameplay video we have available for you here.

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