DEAD RISING 2 Coming to Playstation 3

DEAD RISING 2 Coming to Playstation 3


The original Dead Rising placed you in the role of photographer Frank West who risks life and limb for his stories. His most exciting story yet landed him in a zombie infested Mall where survival was almost impossible. Several years later after the events of Dead Rising, it’s discovered that the zombification was not completely contained. While the first DR took place in mid-West America, its sequel focuses on the glitz and glamour of Fortune City – America’s latest and greatest entertainment playground.

Sadly, photographer Frank West is being replaced by Motorcross champion Chuck Greene. Chuck is a resourceful man who is incredibly resourceful with mechanics. A single father, Chuck dotes on his daughter Katey who greaves over the loss of her mother.

Dead Rising 2 promises to increase the body count with even more zombies to hack, slash, and maim with nearby objects. Seriously, do we need anything else?

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