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  • Dermon Gaze II – “Welcome to Asteria” Trailer

    Posted by on August 31, 2017 under Euro, News, Portables, PS4
    We're happy to announce a new Demon Gaze II trailer entitled "Welcome to Asteria." Here, players are able to view some of the monsters you'll encounter in the dungeons! Stay tuned for more trailers! Demon Gaze II arrives to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in North America on November 14th, 2017 and in Europe on November 17th, 2017. Official Website: more.
  • Grimoire: Heralds of the Winged Exemplar – Now Available on Steam

    Posted by on August 4, 2017 under Euro, News, PC
    Cleveland Mark Blakemore's Magnum Opus! The ultimate classic style turn-based roleplaying game in the tradition of Wizardry, Might&Magic, Lands Of Lore and Eye of the Beholder! A game that took over 20 years to produce! As much as 600 hours of play with hand-painted graphics and old skool goodness! After more than 20 years of development, the greatest roleplaying game of them all is finally... more.
  • Wizrogue: Labyrinth of Wizardry – Now Available on Steam

    Posted by on March 6, 2017 under Euro, Mac, News, PC
    The legendary RPG Wizardry is reborn as a Rogue-like game. Terrifying monsters and countless traps stand in your way. Infinite eerie Labyrinths filled with terrifying monsters and countless traps to snare Adventurers. Your destiny is in your hands! Never far behind are the deadly battles and the creeping fear of being trapped alive. Take on Labyrinths with your own mighty party! Collect and train ... more.
  • Review: Operation Abyss: Neo Tokyo Legacy (PS Vita)

    Posted by on January 5, 2016 under Portables, Reviews
    Developed by Experience Inc, Operation Abyss: Neo Tokyo Legacy is a first-person dungeon crawler that pays homage to such classics as Wizardry and Dungeon Master. The story's unnamed protagonist - a young high school student that attends Hinowa Academy - suddenly blacks out on his way home from school. As our would-be hero regains consciousness, he finds himself in a dark, murky room somewhere und... more.
  • Demon Gaze (Review) PS Vita

    Posted by on June 11, 2014 under Portables, Reviews
    Demon Gaze by Kadokawa Games and Experience inc. is a first-person role-playing game that places you in the role of OZ, a young warrior that possess the power of the 'Magic Eye' -- a special ability that allows the player to capture demons and use them as allies. As a resident of the Dragon Princess Inn, you must explore the various dungeons in Mizrid, kill the resident demons, and collect treasur... more.
  • Wizardry Steam Edition (Review) PC

    Posted by on September 26, 2013 under PC, Reviews
    Dungeon crawlers rejoice. One of the longest running role-playing series in the history of computer gaming has arrived on Steam. Blurring the line between Dungeons & Dragons and science fiction, Wizardry is the very first game to introduce a sci-fi theme to the genre. The Steam Edition of Wizardry includes Pain of the Cosmic Forge, Crusaders of the Dark Servant and the last Wizardry ever made,... more.
  • Classic Wizardry – Now Available on Steam

    Posted by on September 10, 2013 under Euro, News, PC
    One of the greatest fantasy role-playing series in gaming history comes to Steam today with the release of three games from the Wizardry franchise. The final three epic PC adventures from a series that spanned two decades that entertained millions of gamers are here, thanks to the work of Night Dive Studio – a company dedicated to reviving and restoring access to classic games from the past... more.
  • Hardcore RPG Gaming… Wizardry Online (Review) PC

    Posted by on April 11, 2013 under PC, Reviews
    Developed by Sony Online Entertainment and Gamepot, Wizardy Online is a hardcore MMORPG where your character can sustain permanent injury and even death. The game includes four classes and five different races - human, elf, dwarf, gnome and porkul. As in every role-playing game, each race has its own strengths and weaknesses. Some are actually weaker when they’re associated with some of the clas... more.
  • Legend of Grimrock – Now 50% off at

    Posted by on July 9, 2012 under Euro, News, PC
    Legend of Grimrock is Now 50% Off. Legend of Grimrock, the acclaimed RPG from Almost Human, is just $7.49 until Wednesday, July 11 at 5:59 AM EDT. That's less than two days to get one of the best dungeon crawlers ever for half its regular price... and on GOG, it's always DRM-free and packed with extras like music, wallpapers, artwork and more. Tell your friends. Tell your gramma. Te... more.
  • Wizardry Online – New Screenshots

    Posted by on June 5, 2012 under Euro, News, PC
    The new free-to-play MMO based on the classic Wizardry computer games. Produced by Gamepot, this latest game features countless traps and fiendish monsters that will hinder players’ adventures as they cross the most difficult dungeons ever seen. Wizardry Online retains the characteristic elements of the original Wizardry and merges them with modern MMORPG functions. Screenshots: ... more.
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