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  • Broforce – Receives Post-Launch Update

    Posted by on November 23, 2015 under Euro, News, PC
    South African video game developer Free Lives and flag-waving label Devolver Digital have updated Broforce, the world's premiere Freedom SimulatorT, with an obscene amount of free post-launch content - a glorious First Amendment to the main game's treasured Constitution. The latest update to Broforce includes two new lightning wielding bros of Lambertian origin, the immortal Brolander and thund... more.
  • Mordheim: City of the Damned – Launch Trailer

    Posted by on November 19, 2015 under Euro, Mac, News, PC
    Focus Home Interactive and Rogue Factor today proudly unveil the launch trailer for their video game adaptation of Games Workshop's cult classic Mordheim. Set in the Warhammer world's decimated Empire city, Mordheim: City of the Damned is a turn-based tactical game where you lead Warbands into bloody and lethal skirmishes. The game blends RPG elements, fast-paced tactical combat and intricate unit... more.
  • Prison Architect Update #1

    Posted by on November 13, 2015 under Euro, News, PC
    Mark Morris and Chris Delay of Prison Architect are back with another update for their prison simulator for PC. In this video, Mark and Chris 'talk about their feelings, before taking a look at update 1.
' Tweaks to escape mode, fine grain control over prisoner intake and most importantly multiple occupancy cells and bunk beds is part of the update. Watch the latest Developer Video for additi... more.
  • Life is Feudal: Your Own – Launching on Steam November 17th

    Posted by on November 6, 2015 under Euro, News, PC
    The full release of Life is Feudal: Your Own is approaching fast. With development nearing completion, including many community-requested features, the multiplayer medieval sandbox is set to leave Steam Early Access and launch November 17th with a 40% Midweek discount. Watch our new animated trailer featuring narration by film and TV icon, Sean Bean (The Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones) – ... more.
  • Legends of Eisenwald: Road to Iron Forest – Now Available on Steam

    Posted by on November 6, 2015 under Euro, News, PC
    Aterdux Entertainment, developers of Legends of Eisenwald, the adventure-RPG for PC, today released their first DLC for the game. The new DLC, "Road to Iron Forest", includes a new map, new adventuring location and a new storyline. Visit the game's Steam page for more information about the DLC. Aterdux has also launched a Season Pass will give purchasers access to all current and future extra c... more.
  • Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power – Receives Massive Update

    Posted by on November 5, 2015 under Euro, Mac, News, PC
    Frozenbyte has announced a free content update to the physics-based platformer Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power , originally released in August this year. The update will roll out on Steam, GOG and Humble Store on the 5th of November and includes a free new level, as well as official support for SteamOS and Linux. Also included are various minor fixes and improvements, such as mid-level checkpoi... more.
  • Into The Stars: Update 0.2 – Now Live

    Posted by on November 4, 2015 under Euro, Mac, News, PC
    Developer Fugitive Games and publisher Iceberg Interactive announce a major update for the epic space simulation game, Into The Stars (PC/MAC) currently in Early Access on the Steam Platform.  The update is packed with new features, many of which were requested by the community. One major new feature is the introduction of Difficulty Settings, which will challenge even the hardiest Space Capta... more.
  • Valhalla Hills – New Screenshots

    Posted by on November 2, 2015 under Euro, Mac, News, PC
    While Halloween haunts Valhalla Hills until mid-November and skeletons walk among the Vikings, the people can also look forward to more friendly new neighbors! Today's update of the Viking strategy-simulation by Daedalic Entertainment and Funatics introduces the toolmaker and the weapon smith. Your Vikings no longer need to craft tools and weapons on their own, but can now commission them from ex... more.
  • Layers of Fear – Halloween Event Room

    Posted by on October 28, 2015 under Euro, News, PC
    Today we will release a new update patch that will include a Halloween event room in which you will be able to communicate with ghosts. Ask them for their wisdom by typing key words connected with the game on the board, and see what they have in store for you! There are 48 effects that you can trigger by playing around in the room (same effects can be triggered by typing different words). Be th... more.
  • Dungeon of the Endless – Free Halloween Update

    Posted by on October 28, 2015 under Euro, Mac, News, PC
    Award-winning indie developer Amplitude Studios has donned its Halloween outfit and is prepared to spook its long-time PC fans with a ghastly free “DEATH GAMBLE” update for Dungeon of the Endless, the rogue-like dungeon-defense game that specializes in death. Starting today and for the whole week of Halloween, players are in for a number of dark and tricky treats. They will encounter Death,... more.
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