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  • Terrorarium – Now Available on Steam Early Access

    Posted by on March 20, 2019 under Euro, Mac, News, PC
    Today —right now even — strike fear into the heart of every adorable and/ or expendable Moogu. Show them you're willing to do anything... including some population control. To mark the occasion, Terrorarium developers Stitch Media have unveiled a new launch trailer posted below. Remind you of anything? Maybe? PERHAPS?! Play as The Gardener, a feisty space granny who sends her little M... more.
  • CryoFall – Coming to Steam Early Access April 3rd

    Posted by on March 13, 2019 under Euro, News, PC
    Daedalic Entertainment is excited to announce that it has picked up the publishing rights for AtomicTorch Studio’s upcoming multiplayer survival RPG CryoFall. Delivering a thrilling open-world survival experience where players are tasked with taking on the wilderness of an unknown planet, CryoFall is a sci-fi inspired multiplayer game set in the distant future, coming to Windows PC via Steam ... more.
  • Terrorarium – Coming to Steam Early Access This March

    Posted by on March 4, 2019 under Euro, News, PC
    On a scale of one to ten how much would you (secretly?) love sending adorable little anthropomorphic mushroom creatures to their gory deaths? Yep, us too! It's okay though, the Moogu procreate using the corpses of their dead kin. You read that right. Hey, we don't judge. Terrorarium in Early Access is all about Maker Mode, where the developers over at Stitch Media are committed to letting... more.
  • Terrorarium – Coming to Steam Early Access This March

    Posted by on February 6, 2019 under Euro, Mac, News, PC
    Award-winning creative house Stitch Media are bringing their social building game Terrorarium to Steam (Windows / Mac) this March. Launching into Early Access, Terrorarium is all about playful level creation, wanton destruction, and… gardening. With Terrorarium's robust toolset and wide range of customization options, players can easily build vibrant challenges for their friends and the wider... more.
  • RATZ Steam Key Early Access Giveaway

    Posted by on March 20, 2015 under Euro, News, PC
    Free is always good! Get your free Early Access Key right now for Ratz. All you have to do is scroll to the bottom of this article, click on the button, and your key will be instantly redeemed.  There are no restrictions, and you can redeem more than one key for yourself, friends and even family members. and David Bruno of MMPR are happy to provide these keys to our read... more.
  • Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen – New Enemies Trailer

    Posted by on February 11, 2013 under Euro, News, PC, PS3, Xbox 360
    Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen will provide players with a whole new challenge when they land on the cursed Bitterblack Isle and come face-to-face with a host of fearsome new enemies. The aptly named Death and his trademark scythe will send the Arisen to his grave with one hit. Be ready to dodge the Eliminator’s mighty hammer, extinguish the Pyre Saurian’s fiery attacks, and to take on th... more.
  • Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen – Details Revealed

    Posted by on January 23, 2013 under Euro, News, PC, PS3, Xbox 360
    Following the announcement of Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen last year, we are now pleased to confirm concrete details about this expansion to the world of Dragon’s Dogma. Scheduled for release on both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 from April 23 in North America and April 26 across Europe, Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is the next exciting chapter in the Dragon’s Dogma franchise. Available as b... more.
  • Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen DLC – Announced

    Posted by on September 21, 2012 under Euro, News, PC, PS3, Xbox 360
    Continuing its commitment to support Dragon’s Dogma post launch, Capcom is pleased to confirm that it will be making new modes and content available in the coming months. Available free of charge and scheduled for release before the end of the year, the million strong community of Dragon’s Dogma players will be able to put their skills to the test with the introduction of Speedrun and Hard ... more.
  • Dragon’s Dogma – Exclusive New Demo Coming to PSN

    Posted by on August 9, 2012 under Euro, News, PC, PS3, Xbox 360
    For those out there who haven’t experienced the innovative action RPG Dragon’s Dogma yet, Capcom is pleased to confirm that a brand new demo will be available from next week. Exclusive to PlayStation 3 owners, the demo will feature the game’s Prologue, access to the in-depth character customization screen before the player embarks on a quest to defeat the mighty Hydra and deliver one of... more.
  • Dragon’s Dogma – Developer Diary #2

    Posted by on May 2, 2012 under Euro, News, PC, PS3, Xbox 360
    Check out the new Developer Diary for Capcom's upcoming release of Dragon’s Dogma. Dragon’s Dogma introduces an innovative team system to the genre. Known as Pawns, these three AI partners fight independently, demonstrating prowess and ability they have developed based on traits learned over time from the player and their actions. By utilizing Xbox LIVE or PlayStation Network players ... more.
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