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  • Serious Sam: The First Encounter (Retro Review)

    Posted by on January 13, 2010 under PC
    Serious Sam: The First Encounter from Croteam was originally available on PC but was ported over to Xbox (the original) and even though that happened so many years ago (on PC SS hit in March of 2001), SS:TFE has lost nothing in the interim. The frantic action is still amazing, the graphics are still great, the sounds really help create an atmosphere that will make you jump as you hear in the dist... more.
  • Final Fight Double Impact Needs Some More Color

    Posted by on January 13, 2010 under PS3, Xbox 360
    Capcom is doing something rather cool (or cheap, depending on your level of cynicism) with the box art for Final Fight Double Impact (announced here) in that they are letting the fans color it.  This not a simple coloring contest, much like stores used to put on around the late 80's (who remembers those?), the winner here gets more than a $5 gift certificate, how about a free trip to New Orleans?... more.
  • Final Fantasy XIII Official Trailer (Nuff Said)

    Posted by on January 13, 2010 under PS3, Xbox 360
    ... more.
  • Machinarium (Review)

    Posted by on January 13, 2010 under Mac
    Imagine a world built of steal and dominated by Artificial Intelligence. Machinarium by Amanita Design is built on this premise. Humanity has taken the evolutionary backseat to machines. Robots now populate the world and function like humans would during their daily routines. They live in homes, fall in love, and they are even capable of committing criminal acts. Machinarium isn’t the type ... more.
  • EA Announces NBA Jam For Nintendo Wii

    Posted by on January 12, 2010 under WII
    New Take on Classic Game to Appear on the Wii in 2010 REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – Jan 11, 2010 – Electronic Arts Inc. (Nasdaq: ERTS) announced today that EA SPORTS™ is developing one of the most popular and culturally influential arcade basketball games ever made -- NBA JAM -- for the Nintendo Wii™. EA SPORTS NBA JAM™ revives the classic franchise with vintage NBA JAM gameplay, and all-new f... more.
  • Nintendo Downloads January 11, 2010

    Posted by on January 11, 2010 under Portables, WII
    Here are the newest releases for Nintendo's download services.  We broke the news about Phoenix Wright way back on November 19th of 2009 and had additional coverage, with video of Chronos Twins DX last Monday.  What news will be broke here in the future?  Stick around and find out, we have much to report. WiiWare™ Phoenix Wright™: Ace Attorney Publisher: Capcom Players: 1 ESRB Rating:... more.
  • The Retro League – An Overview of the First 12 Episodes

    Posted by on January 10, 2010 under Music, News
    Gaming podcasts are a dime a dozen, retro gaming podcasts are slightly more rare.  Retro gaming podcasts that deal with actual retro content (Xbox and PS2 are not retro, sorry) are extremely rare.  That is where The Retro League shines and stands head and shoulders above their competition in this slightly clouded genre of podcasting. The Retro League features the antics and commentary of 5 diff... more.
  • Putup by Matuda Games (Review)

    Posted by on January 10, 2010 under PC
    If you are a parent then you know how hard it is to find games that will be suitable for your children to play, games that you can leave your children playing without you having to hover over their shoulder worrying about what might pop up next on the screen. Games that are in that category are hard to come by, and even fewer and farther between are the good ones. Read on for one of the good one... more.
  • Penumbra Soundtrack Released by Sound of Fiction

    Posted by on January 8, 2010 under Music, PC
    Sound of Fiction, an independent record label that was founded by Mikko Tarmia, has just released the Penumbra soundtrack.  The Penumbra soundtrack features over 1 hour of remastered music in 27 tracks that span all three games from the series.  Exclusive to this version is a text from the series narrative director, Tom Jubert is just on the dark background of Penumbra. The Penumbra sound... more.
  • Iceberg Interactive Sale

    Posted by on January 8, 2010 under PC
    Iceberg Interactive has dropped prices up to 35% off of their normal prices in their webstore.  Don't let this deal pass you buy, get great games such as Dark Fall: Lost Souls for €25.99 (review right here at PPG coming soon) while you can. Adam´s Venture (PC CDROM) €15.99 (20% savings) Dark Fall: Lost Souls (PC DVD) €25.99 (13% savings) Syberia Collection (Adventure Classics) (PC... more.
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