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  • Capcom Announces Street Fighter X Tekken — Tekken Players Wonder About Combat System

    Posted by on July 24, 2010 under News
    Capcom has just announced a franchise cross-over that most were not expecting; Street Fighter X Tekken. Using the same technology from SFIV and SSFIV, Tekken characters like Kazuya Mishima and Nina Williams will make their transition into the Street Fighter universe. The Tekken characters will be re-imaged but will retain their unique characteristics and signature moves from the Tekken series... more.
  • Marvel vs Capcom 3 — Thor / Amateras Screenshots

    Posted by on July 24, 2010 under News, PS3, Xbox 360
    News about MvC3 keeps pouring out of Comic Con, including new screenshots and videos. Check out the latest from this mega-hit fighter, scheduled for a Spring 2011 release. ... more.
  • Marvel vs Capcom 3 Thor Gameplay Video (New)

    Posted by on July 24, 2010 under News, PS3, Xbox 360
    ... more.
  • Dead Rising 2: Case Zero – Coming August 31th

    Posted by on July 22, 2010 under News, Xbox 360
    Prologue to deliver taste of Dead Rising® 2 exclusively on Xbox Live® Set two years after the Willamette incident chronicled in the original Dead Rising® and three years before the start of Dead Rising 2, Chuck along with his young infected daughter, Katey, find themselves trapped in the zombie infested desert town of Still Creek. It’s up to Chuck to find a way out of town, and locate the... more.
  • Mafia II – Demo will be released this August 10th

    Posted by on July 22, 2010 under News, PS3, Xbox 360
    2k will be releasing the demo for Mafia II for both Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 this August 10th. So mark this on your calanders folks;  this will be a demo no one will want to miss out on, unless you're already sleeping with the fishes. ... more.
  • Fable 3 – New Screenshots

    Posted by on July 22, 2010 under News, Xbox 360
    Check out the latest screenshots to the third installment of Fable, with each screenshot fable 3 is looking better and better.  Also included with the new screenshots is a picture of the contents of the limited edition. ... more.
  • Shank will be available on August 24

    Posted by on July 22, 2010 under News, PS3, Xbox 360
    Shank tells a classic story of gangland betrayal through a mature, pulp-fiction lens. Gamers will play as Shank, getting their hands bloody as they uncover the secrets behind Shank’s past and the reasons he is hell-bent on revenge. With a deep and intuitive combat system, players unleash a tremendous number of creative combinations as they take down the waves of enemies standing in their path. S... more.
  • Mafia II – Steam offers you a deal you can’t refuse

    Posted by on July 22, 2010 under News, PC
    Stream is offering you a deal you can't refuse. If you pre-order Mafia II, you will get the first Mafia for free. If you missed out on the first Mafia, here's your chance to catch up before the second one arrives this August. The pre-order will run you $49.99 for the standard and $59.99 for the digital deluxe version. ... more.
  • Call of Atlantis (Review) iPhone/iPod/iPad

    Posted by on July 22, 2010 under Portables, Reviews
    Bejeweled is a fine game. Better than Tetris, in my humble opinion, and it's worth having one of the innumerable varieties on any iPhone. But not this version. Call of Atlantis presents the well-known "match-three" puzzle game as a quest of recovering seven crystals of power from ancient civilizations such as Rome, Greece and Babylon to "restore the Altar of Poseidon and save the fabled sunk... more.
  • Castlevania Puzzle: Encore of the Night — Now Available on App Store

    Posted by on July 22, 2010 under Portables
    Distinctively different from its predecessors, Castlevania Puzzle: Encore of the Night enables gamers to employ a unique style of puzzle-RPG to solve puzzles that will help them secure weapons and spells. Tailored specifically for the iPhone and iPod touch, players must assume the role of Alucard, the son of Dracula, as they navigate within the walls of Dracula's castle. Players can also revisit... more.
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