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  • Superstars V8 Racing – Extending Facebook Giveaway at 1,999 Fans

    Posted by on October 7, 2010 under PC, PS3
    O-Games invites you to become a fan and ‘Like’ its Facebook page for “Superstars V8 Racing on PlayStation Network” to be entered for a chance to win your very own copy of the game. Launching at $19.99, the PlayStation®Network exclusive will be ready for download on October 26, 2010. Become a fan of Superstars V8 Racing in an effort to increase the Facebook page to 1,999 fans and y... more.
  • Golden Joystick – UK Developer Of The Year

    Posted by on October 6, 2010 under Euro, News, PC, Portables, PS3, WII, Xbox 360
    The UK Developer Of The Year Award at this year’s Golden Joystick Awards recognises the world leading games development taking place at home, shining a light on the creative quality and consistent high standards of game creation from UK studios. 2010 has been a strong year for new releases, making this one of the most competitive and sought after categories. Codemasters created F1 2010... more.
  • The Great Gatsby (Review) PC

    Posted by on October 4, 2010 under PC
    Ever watch a movie or read a book, and want to get involved in the story?  The Great Gatsby by I-Play allows you to do just that.  You play as Nick Carraway, a young idealist who has just returned from the war.  He is a neighbor to Jay Gatsby, a mysterious millionaire.  Much of the game centers around the mystery of who Gatsby is.  The game explains who each character is and how they are rela... more.
  • FreeJack – Open Beta Starts October 1st

    Posted by on September 30, 2010 under News, PC
    Game Bridger Entertainment, a global publisher and distributor of interactive online entertainment media, announced today that the open beta for its highly-anticipated, free to play parkour racing game, FreeJack, will begin on October 1st, 2010 at 18:00 GMT. To celebrate the release, Game Bridger Entertainment is hosting a special contest with great prizes like an Apple iPad, Apple iPods, S... more.
  • DC Universe Online – Lex Luthor Revealed – New Screenshots

    Posted by on September 30, 2010 under News, PC, PS3
    Born to a wealthy socialite family, Alexander (Lex) Luthor spent much of his teen years in Smallville, Kansas, under the care of his Aunt Lena. The hope was that fresh air and small town values would cure Lex of his annoying need to act like he was always the smartest guy in the room. Of course, acting like the smartest guy in the room didn't do much to help him make friends, so he went elsewhe... more.
  • Dynasty Warriors Online – Trailer & New Screenshots

    Posted by on September 30, 2010 under Euro, News, PC
    The time has finally arrived to reveal the Closed Beta date for Dynasty Warriors Online. Dynasty Warriors Online officially begins the CB testing period on October 14th. Players who signed up for Closed Beta will have a chance to enter the world of Dynasty Warriors and bring glory to the Shu, Wu, and Wei forces. In the meantime, be sure to check out the official Dynasty Warriors Online forums w... more.
  • Fear 3 – New Trailer & Screenshots – (Warning, Mature Content)

    Posted by on September 30, 2010 under News, PC, PS3, Xbox 360
    (Warning, Mature Content) The new trailer from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment gives players a frighteningly close look at the Almaverse, the landscape of Alma’s nightmarish psyche. This Almaverse, inhabited by Alma’s demented visions, was under her control in both F.E.A.R. and F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin. Players only gained small glimpses into the Almaverse as she allowed it ... more.
  • DC Universe – New Screenshots & Video Commentary

    Posted by on September 24, 2010 under PC, PS3
    SOE has released new screenshots of DC Universe. A new commentary video outlining the death of the DC Super Heroes was also released. DC Screenshots: 1 DC Universe Commentary Video ... more.
  • GamersGate Deals for Week Ending September 26th

    Posted by on September 24, 2010 under News, PC
    GamersGate continues to offer great deals on PC software. For the week ending September 26th, GamersGate is offering up to 80% off select titles. Here is a partial list of their available deals for the week: Sales of the Week (Now through September 26th): -   Fortis – 50% OFF -   Sylvenia – Fantasy Poker – 50% OFF -   X2 The Threat – 50% OFF -   X3 Gold Edition ... more.
  • Alien Breed 2: Assault Hits Xbox Live and Steam today – Screenshots & Trailer

    Posted by on September 22, 2010 under News, PC, PS3, Xbox 360
    Alien Breed 2: Assault, Team 17’s latest killer title has been hotly anticipated since its predecessors, Alien Breed™: Evolution and Alien Breed™: Impact, were launched across Xbox™ LIVE Arcade, PlayStation®Network for PlayStation®3, and for PC via Steam. Thankfully, the wait is now over; gamers across the world will now have a chance to play the next chapter in this high-budget, ... more.
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