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  • Drums Challenge Charlie Morgan (Review) iPhone/iPod

    Posted by on July 1, 2010 under Portables, Reviews
    Guitar Hero has arrived for the iPhone and gamers, obeying the decrees of Activision, are forking their money over in droves. So, to unleash some cliches of my own, I'm marching to the beat of a different drummer with some alternative music. It might not be as entertaining as the admittedly reasonably-priced Port-O-GH (which will get scrutinized in a future rant despite its critic proofness), b... more.
  • Deathsmiles Limited Edition (US Feature Review) Xbox 360

    Posted by on June 27, 2010 under Reviews, Xbox 360
    Deathsmiles is a dark, twisted look into an alternate world populated by missing children. A rift in the real world is responsible for pulling children into this separate reality. Known as Gilverado, this world is separate from our own and frozen in the early 20th century. Dior, an elderly man, decides to take care of the lost children that suddenly appear in Gilverado. Our four heroines, Wyndia, ... more.
  • Soldner-X 2 (Review) Playstation 3

    Posted by on June 24, 2010 under PS3, Reviews
    After the virus wars of 3104 AD, humanity faces a new challenge. The D’aarg, a technologically advanced alien race, is conquering defenseless solar systems at an alarming rate. Humanity’s technology is not capable of fending off this new threat, and so a project begins to develop enhanced star fighters to take on this new enemy. The Soldner-X 2  defense is the fruit of humanity’s labor. ... more.
  • Neo-Geo Battle Coliseum (Review) XBox 360

    Posted by on June 23, 2010 under Reviews, Xbox 360
    SNK is synonymous with fighting games. Over the years, they have produced many fighters that are revered the world over. Ask any fighting fan and they will no doubt mention at least one popular SNK franchise that has stood the test of time -- The King of Fighters. SNK's foray into the mainstream with KOF XII was met with lukewarm fanfare at best (the game was missing staple characters from the ser... more.
  • Air Hockey Arcade (Review) iPhone/iPod/iPad

    Posted by on June 19, 2010 under Portables, Reviews
    It wasn't MacPaint that won me over to the ingenuity of the computer mouse. It was Shufflepuck Cafe, a black-and-white air hockey simulator that felt completely authentic except for the lack of air jets cooling off your hand. The iPhone's touch screen can't replicate that wrist-fatiguing thrill, but seems more than adequate for on-the-go face offs. Another simple wrist-action game, Skee-Ball, i... more.
  • Resonance of Fate (Review) Xbox 360

    Posted by on June 15, 2010 under Reviews, Xbox 360
    In Resonance of Fate, your adventure takes place in a dark, gritty cyberpunk world where survival is key. You're for hire, and you will take any job that is available. This is the kind of place where crime and gangs thrive, and no one does anything to stop it. Welcome to Basel; a towering (albeit enormous) multiplexed skyscraper-like structure that stretches high up into the heavens, overlooking t... more.
  • Record of Agarest War (Feature Review) Playstation 3

    Posted by on June 11, 2010 under PS3, Reviews
    Finally a strategy role-playing game that makes the cut. There hasn’t been a strategy/tactical role-playing game of this stature in a very long time.  Record of Agarest War takes you back to when role-playing games were role-playing games, but on a deeper level. Record of Agarest War seems quite simple at first, but this is one of those games where you can’t judge a book by its cover. Perh... more.
  • Steam Pirates (Review) iPhone/iPod/iPad

    Posted by on June 10, 2010 under Portables, Reviews
    Reviewing this game is a lot like discussing Nancy Pelosi or Sarah Palin. There's a clear love/hate divide and those on the love side say the haters just don't get it. Color me ignorant. Steam Pirates is an RPG staring Kat, whose introductory scenes – something about being a mercenary trying to rescue a rock band and encountering mermaids – are promising enough. What ensues is a hybrid 2... more.
  • Boxing Zoo (Review) iPhone/iPod/iPad

    Posted by on June 10, 2010 under Portables, Reviews
    I'm perfectly amicable to abusing animals. "Cat football" was one of my first internet searches and my all-time favorite name for a pet is "Punt." It's a well-known phenomena among family and friends that their shelter rejects invariably plant themselves in my lap for interminable stretches as a sadistic form of revenge. So Boxing Zoo ought to be the ideal Punch Out clone to tote around on my i... more.
  • Fishdom 2: Premium Edition (Review) PC

    Posted by on June 10, 2010 under PC, Reviews
    Hooked on Fishdom?  With new icons and new aquariums to explore, Playrix has created yet another addictive game in Fishdom 2.  With 3 aquariums to unlock; Ranch, Egypt, and Merworld and new icons, you will find yourself being lured in. There are bonus mini-games where you can earn either fish or money by finding all the hidden gems in the aquarium (move the decorations around to find them all). ... more.
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