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  • Wildlife: Forest Survival – New Screenshots

    Posted by on November 10, 2010 under News, PS3, Xbox 360
    Electronic Arts today announced the development of Wildlife: Forest Survival, an original IP for Xbox LIVE Arcade (XBLA) and PlayStation Network (PSN). The new multiplayer title casts players as wild animals and immerses them in a head-to-head battle in an unpredictable forest environment where only the dominant species can survive. Wildlife: Forest Survival is slated to launch in spring 2011... more.
  • Crescent Pale Mist – New Screenshots & Trailer

    Posted by on November 9, 2010 under News, PS3
    Crescent Pale Mist is the latest downloadable title from Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) and Rockin’ Android to hit the PlayStation Network. In the beautiful and explosive side-scrolling dimension of Gasyukal, players must control mysterious and volatile magic to charge through six chapters of non-stop action battles. Only players who maneuver the twists and turns through levels of would-... more.
  • Kick-Ass – New and Improved Now Available on PSN

    Posted by on November 9, 2010 under News, PS3
    WHA Entertainment, a publisher and developer of entertainment games based on leading IP Franchises, announced today that Kick Ass New And Improved is now available for the Sony PlayStation Network (PSN). The game is rated M for Mature by the ESRB and can be downloaded for a low MSRP of $9.99.  The title includes new features, which include a new mission, fights and enemies. "We ar... more.
  • PlayStation Network Update – Week of November 8th

    Posted by on November 9, 2010 under News, PS3
    PlayStation Network: Crescent Pale Mist — Crescent Pale Mist combines tense exploration platforming with rapid fighting and bullet-hell shoot-’em-up mechanics into one thrilling experience. You are the sorceress Yunou, the only magician capable of wielding powerful and deadly magic known as Pale Mist in Gasyukal, a beautiful and explosive dimension between worlds, rife with monstros... more.
  • Dying For Daylight – Trailer

    Posted by on November 9, 2010 under News, PC
    I-play, Oberon Media's publishing division and the world's leading multi-platform casual games publisher, today announced an upcoming collaboration with Charlaine Harris, best-selling author of the Sookie Stackhouse series that inspired HBO's hit show "True Blood." The game, titled Dying For Daylight and set to release in early 2011, brings Harris's supernatural storytelling to interactive li... more.
  • Castlevania Lords of Shadow (Review) Xbox 360

    Posted by on November 8, 2010 under Reviews, Xbox 360
    The game that took the 80’s by storm has finally made its arrival on modern game systems. Castlevania Lords of Shadow breaks away from the traditional 2D platform action that we are all familiar with. I have been a fan of Castlevania since it made its very first appearance on the original 8-bit Nintendo System, and I was excited about the release of CVLoS. Despite the previous releases that w... more.
  • Record of Agarest War Zero

    Posted by on November 5, 2010 under News, PS3
    Aksys Games has announced that Record of Agarest War Zero - the prequel to last year's Record of Agarest War - will be coming to North America this summer for both Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. “First and foremost,” says Ben Bateman, Localization Editor, Aksys Games, “I would like to address the question I know all of you are asking. The answer is yes, Santa Claus does exist. I have met ... more.
  • Crash Time IV – The Syndicate – New Screenshots & Trailer

    Posted by on November 5, 2010 under News, PC, Xbox 360
    Check out the newest screen shots and trailer for the next upcoming installment of Crash Time 4: The Syndicate. Trailer: Screen shots: ... more.
  • Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga – New Screenshots

    Posted by on November 5, 2010 under News, PC, PS3, Xbox 360
    Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga includes Ego Draconis, the original adventure completely remastered and the brand new adventure Flames of Vengeance, offering a lot of new quests, items, monsters, and providing a spectacular final to the great Divinity II saga! The extension Flames of Vengeance will be available exclusively for download on the official online store for all owners of Divini... more.
  • Adrenalin Misfits – New Screenshots

    Posted by on November 3, 2010 under News, Xbox 360
    Konami today announced new assets for Adrenalin Misfits on the Xbox 360. The original IP is one of the first Konami titles to utilize Microsoft’s Kinect for Xbox 360 which brings games and entertainment to life in extraordinary new ways, requiring no controllers and gets players one-step closer to the realism and excitement of real world crossboarding. Adrenalin Misfits features numerou... more.
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