Champions of Regnum – Realm vs Realm Battlezones Revealed

Champions of Regnum – Realm vs Realm Battlezones Revealed

Battlezones are instances especially designed for team play which will increase the opportunity for Realm v Realm (RvR) combat in Champions of Regnum. Battlezones will include new game modes such as Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and more!

The new Match-Making system allows any player to participate in epic battles against enemy realms in a balanced environment, even at initial levels. Now any player will have the opportunity to fight for his or her realm, regardless of level!

Champions of Regnum will also feature a team based scoring system: each victory in the Battlezones will grant the winning team coins in a new currency that can be used to purchase unique items exclusively for the arenas like armor, potions and combat elixirs.

The VIP Preview launches on December 20th, when our loyal players will have the opportunity to try out all the awesome new features!

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