Versus Evil Gears Up for Renewed Indie Focus w/ Mix of Competitive Releases for 2021

Versus Evil Gears Up for Renewed Indie Focus w/ Mix of Competitive Releases for 2021

Independent publisher Versus Evil is excited to announce a clutch of competitive indie games it’s lining up for launch during 2021. 

UnMetal and Sockventure join the previously announced titles The Hand of Merlin, a game that mixes Arthurian legend with Sci-fi horror, asymmetric multiplayer social deduction game, First Class Trouble with its hilariously chaotic blend of cooperation and deception. Additionally, co-operative larger than life action RPG, Almighty: Kill Your Gods brings big scale single player and multiplayer combat in May. Atmospheric first-person mystery game Hitchhiker will also have gamers thumbing a ride into the unknown on PC and console in April, having only just recently launched on Apple Arcade.

UnMetal, developed by Unepic_Fran is due in the Summer and is a 2D stealth-action game that brings a thoroughly retro feel. Heavily inspired by games like Commando and Metal Gear Solid, the game cranks up gaming and movie nostalgia from yesteryear with its killer funny script, combined with some stealth ’em up military action. Sockventure, which arrives this Spring brings super fast, eye catching gameplay with its stunningly colorful graphics and frenetic 2D platform action. Developed by Nighthouse Games players take on the role of Supersock, a superhero tasked with finding all the missing socks inside a cursed washing machine.

“The Versus Evil team has been working hard to get to this point in 2021, where we can show you all the fun, exciting games and services we have in store for this year. We are especially proud of the great games and new indie development teams we are working with.” Said Versus Evil General Manager Steve Escalante’ “As we approach our 8th year in business, it’s truly exciting to see where we started and where we are going. More news will be coming shortly, but in the meantime, we hope you will enjoy our 2021 lineup as much as we do”

Fast-paced indie action puzzler Jumpala from developer Yokereba Games is also embedded in Versus Evil’s 2021 line up, and was launched in January.


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