Inner Ashes: A Intimate Story About The Effects of Alzheimer

Inner Ashes: A Intimate Story About The Effects of Alzheimer

Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain (SIE Spain) and Calathea Game Studio are proud to show the first story trailer for Inner Ashes, a first-person narrative adventure focused on Henry, a forest ranger diagnosed with early Alzheimer’s disease, who embarks on a journey to discover why he and his daughter Enid have been growing apart. Inner Ashes will be released soon on PlayStation as a digital title only, at a date to be confirmed.

Inner Ashes is a narrative experience about Alzheimer’s disease where players will interact with the environment to solve puzzles that will evoke the daily struggles of patients living with this disease. Players will control Henry, a middle-aged man who has been diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. As the game moves on, he will unravel the memories that surround the story of the departure of his only daughter Enid.

Thanks to its unique and colorful landscapes, players will be able to wander and explore Henry’s mind solving puzzles and witnessing the struggles associated with Alzheimer’s. The people at Calathea Game Studio wanted to create a story with a deep emotional impact to make the players connect with people living in extreme circumstances.


Explore Henry’s mind traveling through unique, beautiful landscapes

Play as an Alzheimer’s patient and overcome common issues present in their everyday’s life

Put together the pieces from Henry and Enid’s past to discover the truth about their relation

Inner Ashes – English Sub Trailer:

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