PAX Online ✕ EGX Digital event September 12th-20th, 2020

PAX Online ✕ EGX Digital event September 12th-20th, 2020

Excalibur Games is pleased to announce that it will be taking part in the first-ever PAX Online ✕ EGX Digital event from 12-20 September.

This new type of digital event could benchmark how we experience shows in the future and we are excited to be part of this first step.

Excalibur Games will be holding two booths, each dedicated to their own title.

Craftlands Workshoppe

Our indie booth will be showcasing the upcoming release Craftlands Workshoppe, the latest title from lead Shoppe Keep developer Arvydas Žemaitis. Craftlands Workshoppe is launching into Early Access on the 15th October 2020 on Steam for PC.


Ranch Simulator

Our main floor booth will be showing off Ranch Simulator, a new title from developers Toxic Dog. After featuring in IGN’s Summer of Gaming and an exciting pre-alpha community test, we are excited to show what Ranch Simulator will offer players when it launches into Early Access on Steam for PC in early 2021.

Playable Demos

Most excitingly, both titles will have playable demos running throughout the event so players can get their hands on short tasters of these games. These demos will be available via Discord. We’ll also be debuting a first ten minutes gameplay video for both games on the stand, so make sure to drop by!

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