Eternal Hope to Capture Your Heart with Latest Trailer

Eternal Hope to Capture Your Heart with Latest Trailer

The recently released adventure-platformer Eternal Hope is stealing the hearts of critics everywhere, and to celebrate the game’s success, developer Doublehit Games has released a new trailer showing off many of the game’s gorgeous environments and captivating gameplay. 

Boasting a ‘Very Positive’ user review score on Steam, Eternal Hope is inspired by the artistic stylings of Studio Ghibli and takes further inspiration from popular titles such as Limbo and Hollow Knight. Steeped in mystery and emotion, Eternal Hope takes players along on a whimsical, dimension-hopping adventure that will stay in their hearts forever.

“We’ve achieved our ultimate goal with Eternal Hope: reach the hearts of our players with Ti’bi’s touching story of love and loss,” said Gabriel Oliveira, Director and Sound Designer, Doublehit Games. “The response has been overwhelmingly positive since Eternal Hope launched and it’s been a surreal experience getting to share our passion for Eternal Hope with the players who have fallen in love with it.”

Accolades Trailer:

Latest Feature Trailer:

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