Curious Expedition 2 Now Available on Steam Early Access

Curious Expedition 2 Now Available on Steam Early Access

Thunderful Publishing and Maschinen-Mensch are thrilled to invite brave explorers to discover the brand-new world of Curious Expedition 2 today on Steam Early Access for $16.99. Curious Expedition 2’s Early Access will allow adventure seekers to help shape the game from now until its official launch this Fall 2020.

Curious Expedition 2 has been in closed alpha for the past six months with over 2000 players providing feedback through the official Discord server. Starting today players can now participate in the Steam Early Access, giving them the opportunity to provide feedback and support the game throughout the rest of its development.

Maschinen-Mensch encourages Early Access players to join the official Discord to talk about the game, report bugs, and get official updates on the progress from the developers.


Debut Trailer:


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