Dreadlands New Gameplay Trailer, ‘Welcome to Where Ever You Are’

Dreadlands New Gameplay Trailer, ‘Welcome to Where Ever You Are’

Independent developer Fatshark today revealed a new gameplay trailer for Dreadlands, the new post-apocalyptic tactics game from Blackfox Studios which launches on Steam for PC on March 10th. 

Dreadlands takes the online elements of an MMO or a shared world shooter and combines it with addictive turn-based gameplay within a post-apocalyptic setting. Players command and customise a squad of wasteland warriors and send them out into the world to fight over resources in turn-based brawls.

Build your gang from any of the distinctly different factions inhabiting Dreadlands.

Level up and unlock new spectacular tactics to use on the battlefield. 

Manage your base by purchasing upgrades. And find unique artifacts to combine into new powerful gear.

Dreadlands New Gameplay Trailer:

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