Conglomerate 451 Receives Early Access Update w/ New Loot, Equipment, & More

Conglomerate 451 Receives Early Access Update w/ New Loot, Equipment, & More

1C Entertainment and Conglomerate 451 developer RuneHeads release the largest Early Access update to their grid-based, cyberpunk dungeon crawler yet.

During the past two months, RuneHeads have been working hard on improving the game by adding a series of key features and gameplay changes, such as the much-anticipated story mode, expanded loot system, new areas and characters, new intro, and much more.

What’s new in today’s update:

Special Loot Crates: Introducing different rarities to Loot Crates with better rewards, depending on mission difficulty

REM (REsources Module) System: After defeating an enemy there is a chance it will drop a REM, a collection of resources and items

Cypher Deck: Now every Agent has a Cypher Deck, a special combat computer. Improve a Cypher Deck by upgrading it and installing new plugins

Plugins: A new item type that can be installed in Cypher Decks to modify an Agent’s Combat Hacking skills

Further balancing of the game

Tons of major and minor fixes

And much more!

Including today’s update, below are all the key features that have been added to Conglomerate 451 in the past months:

Major Added Features Since Early Access Launch:

Explore the streets of Conglomerate city and discover the roots of corruption in Story Mode. Discover new characters as agents complete missions.

The upgraded companion drone provides mission advice and acts as a guide for new players

An all-new Perk System grants special skills to agents promoted to a new rank

An expanded Loot System

Black Markets scattered through the city offer opportunities to buy cutting edge weapons and tech

Agents can use drugs for quick short-term ability boosts, but run the risk of of intoxication debuffs and long-term addiction

Cyber Graveyard and After Life Technology

The AIM System 

Use new skills to hack enemies and turn the tables in combat

A new HUD improves gameplay with a more intuitive layout

Official Website:

Early Access – Launch Trailer:

Debut Trailer:


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